First they didn't have it a day after I saw it on the website, so I had to get the higher end instead. Then it turned out I can't have it shipped, I must pick it up with a government ID. Then it took them a week to get it anyway to the store, and then it was delayed two days on top of that. Then I found out I'm paying additional $50 for tax and some surcharge. Then, yes, finally I got my 3070 Ti.

... And now I don't have the right power cables for it.

I *hope* I got the right ones, btw.

Two 6 pin pcie to 8 pin cables that should be long enough, but don't look very thick. This beast is taking over 200w, which from my understanding is more than one single cable can take. And that's not even the most powerful card. Far from it.

I'm pretty sure soon enough we will need a special socket for PCs just like we do for ACs window units.

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