Folks, always, ALWAYS, physically disconnect your Linux hard drive before running a Windows version upgrade. Don't be that guy. And by that guy I mean me.

I'm pretty sure it's happily reformatting my Linux hard drive simply because it's there. I didn't ask for it, I didn't confirm it, but oh boy, I'm gonna get it.

At least I get to shake my fist at Microsoft again...

@jtr what makes it seem like it's formatting your Linux drive? I've seen that updating screen on my dual boot setup, I didn't have any issues. Just curious as to what to watch out for.

@shom bad experience from the past. After an update like this, suddenly there was no Linux. Poof, gone.

Hope you're right... I have backups handy

@shom well seems like I was wrong. Good. I can boot back to mint as usual. But it will always scare me.

@jtr Not sure I entirely follow. However, the best and safest way I found is to have two separate hard drives. I've been doing this for 6 or 7 years without issues.

@adamsdesk that's what I have. I was referring to physically disconnecting the Linux drive first so windows doesn't even know it's there. I was lucky this time...

@jtr Well if you do have that same configuration there is no need to disconnect the drive. I have multiple drives without issues for 6+ years. The issue comes in to play when you install Windows and Linux on the same drive.

@jtr Oh also I should note that when running Windows on separate drives the Linux and Windows UEFI boot files must be on the Windows drive to work properly.

@jtr can't say I've ever had a problem with Windows updates reaching out to a different drive they can't read the filesystem on in 25 years of dual-booting.

@jtr I should clarify that you have nothing to fear from leaving the drive attached. Windows will ignore it.

@brion when installing Linux and then Windows, if you just do the simple setup, windows is like "oh you have a lot of unused space! Let us format this for windows!" Because of that ;)

At least happened to me

@jtr Installation and updates are not the same thing. Updates will not format anything or repartition anything.

@jtr or maybe run windows in a VM/container if needed rather than on a drive?

@jtr seriously… installing windows on the same machine that you keep linux serving as your (presumably?) daily driver is something i'd consider 20-century and not do anymore; personally, for gaming i'd get myself a separate windows-only machine, for anything else a vm should mostly do it =/

@tivasyk You know, the original post is a bit misleading (this issue happened to me when installing windows, not when upgrading so far, including this post)

...But. I keep thinking maybe I should go this way.

The problem is lack of space and switching back and forth. For now, I am gaming in Linux. Probably 90% of the games I enjoy are working fine on Linux, recent titles too.

But music, movies, etc also on linux. switching back and forth with my good keyboard and headset...

maybe RDM

@tivasyk but then, RDM for gaming? Does it work? Sound and all? It.. should? what about framer rate?

@jtr if rdm = remote desktop (manager), than for what i know it won't work with the current state of it. virtualizing a gaming machine (with direct access to some resources like gpu) is more problematic that it sounds, although it works for some games.

idk, i'd just stick to a separate pc for gaming, me, if i were a real gamer. but just like you, i can just find something to play on linux and not bother lately =)

@tivasyk yep. I am actually about to upgrade my main desktop (the one I'm using right now, with linux Mint, I always go back to it) and I do everything on it. Latest game to work fine: Elite Dangerous. If you heard of it...

I'm not a "huge" gamer. I don't play the most recent titles because of lack of specs and money (I'm not going to pay $60 for a game on top of DLCs), but I do play every day basically.

@jtr i fully understand that, that's why i'm such a fan of gog =)

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