New post as I'm learning more about grep and grep in emacs specifically:

@kensanata @eludom @jackbaty if you want to give it a look and tell me how much more I can add... feel free ;)

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@jtr I feel that in the paragraph where you talk about grep piped into another grep, you didn't discuss the importance of matching lines. If the file contains a line with the word "restaurant" and the word "burger" on a different line, grep restaurant filename | grep burger will return no results. You do call it "basic results" but what does that mean? An example would be good, I think.

Example file 1:
This is a burger restaurant.

Example file 2:
I went to a restaurant.
They sold black bean burgers.

@jtr three alternatives also with individual drawback

1. single pattern:

-e "burger.*rest\|rest.*burger"

disad. everything between burger and rest is highl.

GNU grep with PCRE (-P instead of -e)

-P "(?=.*burger)(?=.*rest)"

disad. nothing is highl.

2. process substitution instead of pipe e.g. bash

-e burger <(grep rest *.org)

disad. (like pipe) only /last/ term is highl.

3. occur on occur buffer - n search terms. All highl.

disad. n return presses to /jump/ to match

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