those of you who listen to music, where do you buy it online? Is there something like bandcamp for classical music? It's confusing to search and find, most of what I do find are CDs - I want to buy flac files.

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Me going back to mastodon after an hour and a half of working on a project:

"Oh, funny bug, Mastodon shows (18) in parenthesis as if I got 18 mentions... probably just posts in my main feed... "

"wait, what? I have 18 comments for my questions about classical music?!?! what what whaaaaaat"

Well ok then! I'm gonna catch up and read all the comments and tips! THANKS so much guys! 😅 😄

I need to keep looking through the links. Many of those are low bit-rate (96Hz) which is not what I'm looking for... Streaming radio can be higher quality already, and I'm trying to get flac files (lossless) for classical music.

But, maybe. Will keep going.

Thanks all!

@jtr No idea, I listen on streaming services. Often the recordings are not of the greatest quality, but I'm cool with it. You want to *buy* music, I'm going to guess Bandcamp?

@renata yes, I listen to BBC3 and WQXR for classical radio, the quality is not bad.

Sometimes they play something really good, and I want to know what it is. It's not easy to find exactly the pieces you're listening to in classical music. There's a lot to match: composer, performer, music director, and that's just to name a few of the people; the piece can be a part of a whole, or a part of a part...

Bandcamp usually has what amounts to covers, sometimes preforming something entirely else.

@jtr @Greg flac wasn't a thing until the 21st century, so i imagine music from like the 1700s is mostly only going to be available on obsolete recording formats like CDs

@jtr I think I copied them friends, but most of it is ripped CDs… I would love for a Bandcamp-like platform!

@jtr the problem with ripped CDs is that I’m listening to the same old CDs over and over…

@jtr Some of the labels have FLAC downloads you can buy; otherwise I see a lot people buying from Apple Music (unfortunately perhaps).

@jtr (though bandcamp does have some classical music as well)

@jtr The best I've come across is Amazon music, which doesn't sell FLAC files. might work, but you have to be really specific on the search or it'll garner no results. And they sell FLAC files.

Hope this helps!

@jtr My son who is finishing a DMA in piano performance seems to still be buying old CDs. I tried to get him out of the 90s....

@jtr Well I've not bought classical music online, only CDs when thrifting. However, I would suggest giving 7Digital a try. You can pick the applicable country at the bottom of the page.

@mathew @jtr I'll second HDTracks, and surprisingly ProStudioMasters has a decent classical collection of DRM-free lossless albums too:

@jtr to be honest, youtube gives me more classical music I like than I have time to listen to. Mostly recordings of mezzo TV. I just download those in the highest quality available.

I do buy some cds from amazon and the like occasionally, as I'm not too happy w giving them money for a mere mp3. I torrent others. I've heard itunes has alac, so I might try that, but IDK how I'll feel about itunes, perhaps pirating is more ethical than giving them or amazon money.

@jtr oh I forgot to mention, some opera houses and orchestras have android apps, I've recorded some performances from the met during lockdown, w obs and scrcpy.

A heap of recordings are public domain. Your friendly local torrent search engine will have a deep archive, as I expect does

@proactiveservices The problem with this is the quality of the recording.

Several folks directed me to websites where you can buy or stream those, the problem is always quality.

I'm not a huge audiophile, but listening to classical works at 64kbs... ehhhh.... online radio stations stream even better.

I'm looking for flac files, if possible.

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