good morning,

I think it's a development of something @kensanata mentioned the other day, I added a reminder to include a picture from the previous day to my morning journal entries.

Here's one from yesterday from a walk. Notice the two flies caught in the background? :D


@kensanata btw, unlike the other ones I took earlier, this picture is with the phone (pixel6). The blurring is AI, not optical. You can tell it's a bit off, but still brings focus to the main element of the photo.

@jtr The effect the software is having on the pictures we take is sometimes mindblowing – to the point where I no longer bring my Olympus camera with the three lenses I own on walks: too heavy, and the pictures are not as beautiful. The AI inside my phone knows me too well…

@kensanata it's nice though to go take photos with a sense of purpose for it at times.

Another thing the camera has over the phone still is the optic zoom. The pictures I took previously, where I can zoom in butterflies and bees, for example, in other times birds.

But of course, phones are great. I can take a picture any time and make it look fantastic with a few edits and share it with the world...

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