Tried to look into in to capture two terms, and I still don't get it. The manual seems to list all the commands in emacs but there aren't a lot of examples as to how to use them. It says to use grep as you'd use it in the shell, but I can't pipe grep the same way (unless I use shell inside emacs, which is not the point).

So, any good rgrep examples out there?

@kensanata I'm tagging you since this will also be good in the wiki? @eludom you started it :-)


Have you considered simple

M-x ! grep Hitchhiker *.org | grep galaxy

@eludom did, but I want to try q more "emacsy" way. There are many ways to do it inside emacs, it's interesting to see what people do also

@jtr There's also this (from my config)

defalias 'gf 'grep-find)

(setq grep-find-command
'("find -L . -type f -mtime -21 -name \\*.org -exec egrep -i --color -nH --null -e \\{\\} +" . 80))

@eludom hmm interesting. I need to look at the code it has some new things in it (an alias to an emacs command? It exists? Ohh!).

This can be helpful too.

@jtr yeah. Then you just type

M-x gf

or bind it to a key.

You can learn much from xah Lee

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