Tried to look into in to capture two terms, and I still don't get it. The manual seems to list all the commands in emacs but there aren't a lot of examples as to how to use them. It says to use grep as you'd use it in the shell, but I can't pipe grep the same way (unless I use shell inside emacs, which is not the point).

So, any good rgrep examples out there?

@kensanata I'm tagging you since this will also be good in the wiki? @eludom you started it :-)


@kensanata @eludom a d while I'm at it. There's also Occur, which I haven't used much. What about this one, if you're looking for certain terms through non-agenda-file org files? (So you can't use org-agenda to search)

@kensanata @eludom oh ok. I think that's where you said you can't pipe it like you would in shell, right?

So best I can do at this point is to use occur to filter on top of that, or (didn't try) another grep on the grep I just ran. This works also.

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