so you use on your system. What is another important program / application / tool you think is crucial to your productive workflow?

@eludom which reminds me, how would you use two terms (<pattern1> AND <pattern2>) with zrgrep in Emacs?

I was looking this up a couple of times and it's too much lingo for me to understand that simple thing. I was able to do that with regular grep.

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@jtr true confessions. I use grep mostly outside emacs (I see that confused look on your face "outside emacs???").

But I'll have a look.

@eludom I did for a while myself actually, but when I switch to have a bunch of old org files in a directory not loaded by org agenda, I started using zgrep inside emacs - automatically opens to org mode where I need it. But you probably don't mainly search inside org files I guess

@eludom and of course, something I didn't know: zrgrep in emacs is designed to look inside zip files...

So that means I can compress all my old files into a zip and search inside those... And then pull out the file I need? Amazing. . Always something new.

@jtr Emacs. Comfy. Warm. Never leave the nest. "There's no place like *scratch*, there's no place like *scratch* ..."

And I do mostly grep org files. Increasingly, my life is in org files.

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