So here's an interesting question (?)

Have you ever heard of a privacy respecting, fediverse service or at least foss, for dating? For meeting other people online without ads and privacy horror stories?

@jtr This would be good to know. I'm so against using traditional dating apps as they go against my own personal values.

@jtr Every once in a while I see a Lemmy post about Alovoa

@avalos haha "there's an app for that" indeed. Glad to see there's a foss dating app out there with an account on mastodon nevertheless!

Not a lot of users, but that's expected... I will definitely check it out. @alovoa_love

@avalos Meh, java isn't open source anymore. Maven was the final nail in the coffin there. It's admirable that they're trying, though.

@avalos OpenJDK is sort of open source, though they keep forcing binary versions that can't be compiled with previous versions yet they compiled somehow. That sort of bootstrapping problem might be unavoidable, but shouldn't happen repeatedly. What is avoidable is the fact that maven does nothing but download binaries and use them, and there is no way to get it to compile any source. So it's just... binaries and vague claims that we maybe compiled it from this source.

@jtr I dunno, are you doing anything this Friday?

@jtr Seriously though, we need a way to build trust from innocent exchanges to letting them have more personal info like location, meeting places, relationship status etc. How would I go about convincing people it was okay for me to know that stuff, because currently most of us don't think that anyone should know that?

@Hyolobrika Oh no. If we had that, then instances wouldn't control your private encryption keys, and then how would Mastodon make sure private keys are only used in a way that is completely useless to everyone?

@jtr Apparently there is (did not try it)

But I was thinking about creating one myself when I was still single.

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