After looking at some code and thinking it over, I decided to shut down comments on the blog completely. Why and now what?

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@jtr i basically went the same route, but through works well enough, and i honestly never got any comments while using commento. 🤷

@jtr if you end up wanting them back in some form: there is that doesn't seem hard to embed. (haven't tried it yet though.)

@jtr I can understand why one would remove comments. However, the one thing I don't understand and do not think is right is the lack of responsibility of the FOSS developers. If a project is done for whatever reason it should be archived and clearly communitcate on project website this fact. This is even more important to do so for paid supporters. Its not hard to communicate and respect those that have supported the project. Yes, that includes the users that simply have just used it. I'm done my rant.

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