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and !

I move from my old @jrss to this new @jtr one. Not a lot different, just a name change to be more accurate.

Hope migration completes successfully and I see all of you here!

...Had a lot to say this weekend, so ended up not saying much. That's how it works...

blogging from a cafe:

Good Saturday

First night this year with AC. Meh. Woke up sweaty, same old thing. Go to sleep in a nice cool room, at some point the AC "decides" it's cold enough and switches to fan mode and stays this way... Humidity up, heat up, and that's that.

On the good side, good espresso from downtown on its way, and I finally have FiOS. No more internet interruptions.

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

Every couple of weeks I find that:

a. I am using GUI and the browser instead of DIRED and eww. I need to "re-calibrate" back to how I like to use things.

b. I am not blogging enough of my quick thoughts (usually this happens when I'm working on a bigger post), and I should probably publish more.

Currently thinking of how to break both of those bad habits.

I asked this before but maybe not in this way.

my is configured to run MPV (part of "do as I say") with mp4 files.

When I connect to my RP with dired (using TRAMP), if I go to an MP4, it won't find mpv because it's not installed on the RP. OK fine, how do I tell dired: "run mpv from the client connected on this file?" is there such a way to do that?

I know this may not work because MPV needs a way to connect... how do you reslove this? I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue.

I don't have a strong loyalty toward Google or its phones btw. It's just the best to work with from my experience with independent apps (Tusky, orgzly, syncthing) with the least amount of carrier and manufacturer bs junk. Also happens to be ob the cheap end while boosting pretty good security.

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So about that new .

150 less than the 6. Camera is the same (almost) as the 4a, which I have now, so not that good. Size, which is a big issue for me (it's too big) is basically the same as the 6.

Looks like I'll get the 6 after all.

Finally a chance to sit back and make my own cup of coffee after I made both of my partners'.

It's a particularly bad allergy day, and I had to take a second pill. I messed up preparations, grinding beans without putting the filter in because I forgot. I need coffee to make coffee 🤔

"This is good," I mutter to myself, leaning against the window seal. "I can definitely keep getting these espresso beans over the ones I had delivered by BlueBottle."

So here's an interesting question (?)

Have you ever heard of a privacy respecting, fediverse service or at least foss, for dating? For meeting other people online without ads and privacy horror stories?

oh, this is a thing. OK.

Please add me to emacs and privacy .

hopefully I'll have more photography and DnD content coming up too 😁

Man oh man, venting on mastodon is worth it 😅

after posting about my annoyances with indirectly (

I learned a couple of cool things:

1. disable autoplay (video and audio) by default, so of course BBC3 and other radio sites didn't work... oops!
2. Searxng has many instances, many of them are better than the one librewolf has on by default. social media, maps, IT databases, scientific articles... there's so much more...

...yeah I need write a post.

folks who use the beloved - I think there was a way to empty trash in Dired... Is there? Or am I imagining this?

I know to navigate to the trash folder, but deleting files in there directly can lead to errors, I always end up using the GUI "empty trash" and I want to do it from Dired?

Share your tips?

Many thanks :)

it was called that one privacy site by that one privacy guide, looks like. I can't find it online anymore.

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there was this website that had a detailed table of VPNs compared with price, 5 eyes, 9 eyes, logs saving, all of that. Anyone knows which site I refer too...?


Let's say I do a Google search taking the following measures:

1. I never sign into my Google account
2. I block or refuse cookies (in browser settings), including tracking scripts. This is reinforce with UBlock and privacy badge
3. I keep each search in its own private session (so no cross-tab tracking).
4. Use VPN

Is this enough to prevent Google from profiling me and figuring out I'm the same dude who's Googling from the office? How So?

After looking at some code and thinking it over, I decided to shut down comments on the blog completely. Why and now what?

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