Been a rough couple of days, lots of mental work. That and the fact that I've been working two positions, as I'm transitioning at work.

Been trying to write more, there are technical stuff to discuss and things I want to do for the blog, but all my writing is pretty emotional atm, not sure I can share yet (and if I do, won't make much sense).

How are you all doing, folks of mastodon?

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Don’t fix the process. Fix the institution/management that drives the process which ignores or doesn’t understand the process.

Writing knowledge base articles in and exporting to is not as easy as I thought. Improvisation needed.

the metal shears, of course, is my search this time. It can be anything - or not search at all at times.

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Good morning..!

Today, question for those of you using .

I get this error that happens randomly (no pattern I can recognize) when using duck duck go.

Other sites work OK (for example, if I type in, it will open it no problem) it seems to be something coming from DDG specifically.

Do you guys use DDG in eww, or something else? How did you fix this error (or worked around it)?

Oh man, I forgot about this guy...
This will probably give my age. Anyone remembers this show?

oh and in case you're wondering why I'm down this rabbit hole: I upgraded my gpu, and some of the AAA game are locked behind all kind of launchers that are hairy to run under Linux.

(example, Red Dead Redemption 2 works fine in Steam, but I got it from Epic... bad choice was made there)

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no sleep, so trying to figure out how to remote into a linux desktop from windows:

putty - shell is fine, but cant' use for many things I want
xrdp - works great, but no sound (can't get pulseaudio-module-xrdp working, doesn't seem to support mint 21)
x2go - works with sound, but slow and doesn't run cinnamon correctly

I guess the best solution is again with vmware. I don't know why I keep resisting it.

Also, I need sleep. Jury duty in 3 hours :(

@mrfunkedude so you're new to mastodon? your video about practicing mental health even when feeling good was good. Hope to see more long form content? :)

I'm considering xrdp again from Windows to dedicated Linux machine. Noticing a bit of lag in video and special keystrokes that don't register.

Anyone with experience? Or, how do you remote in when you want desktop environment? Is vnc better (and does keys better)?

Oh, so we're doing these sort of captcha now?

It's cute and all, but apparently what's short to the algorithm is not short to me.

No matter what I try so far, netlify strips the "validation" link from quotation marks. Not sure why this is.

Link should be:
`<a rel="me" href="https: //"></a>`

after Netlify:
`<a rel=me href=https: //></a>`

why is that?

there's https in there. posting it here takes it out... >.>

@ryuslash another question for ya.

Trying to get my blog, linked on my profile, to be "verified" like yours. I included the bit of code (the "rel") on my website and I see it in the source. Yet, still nothing.

How do you get it work? What did you do? Curious.

RT @vidbina
Recently rekindled my love for 🦬. It reduced my context switching pain. 🤕 Being able to follow links to almost anything makes recall snappy & makes my flow state such a ride. 🏄🏿‍♂️ Good tools for thought & collaboration should make us faster & keep us happy.

New folks, new ideas: digital gardens, and why blogging as it is today might be broken:

@ryuslash this is your fault... You got me thinking :)

RT @tabVsSpaceKhan
If you Google Emacs
it responds with: Did you mean: vi
and vice versa

I *hope* I got the right ones, btw.

Two 6 pin pcie to 8 pin cables that should be long enough, but don't look very thick. This beast is taking over 200w, which from my understanding is more than one single cable can take. And that's not even the most powerful card. Far from it.

I'm pretty sure soon enough we will need a special socket for PCs just like we do for ACs window units.

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