@ashfurrow another three-body fan here. And now I want that plant too

@waldfee is the ortho layout very different in practice? I'm really curious about that, more than the size difference. I'm totally bummed because my current mech is just a couple of months old, and there has been reports of box switches breaking keycaps. Guess who has box switches....

@waldfee nice! I've been meaning to build one for myself for ages! typing this on a 60% atm

I'm looking for good examples of code symmetry. Any pointers? 🧐

@gbrnt @Zach haha man I also spent countless hours building, fixind and tweaking bicycles. It's just something that gives me enormous pleasure, like I'm sure you are proud of your table. If that's the case, then time becomes invaluable :bitcoin:

@gbrnt @Zach that looks very respectable 👍 nice! do you have an idea of how long you've dedicated to this project so far? nice idea with the toothpaste

@gbrnt oh yeah, sanded wood is awesome! I also enjoy doing it, love the smell. I'm curious how it looks like though, could you snap a pic?

@gbrnt we bought the same table. never treat it. three years later it's still fine, but I wouldn't buy again. Not worth the effort, hard diminishing returns.

@codeimpossible pruned last week and haven't been doing much lately with docker. TTY again in a month or so. :awesome:

@codeimpossible hehe yeah. only reclaimed 3Gb, not so bad (hands still cold)

going from medical doctor, to neuroscientist, to data scientist in a fintech. life sure is interesting

@nikoheikkila cool thanks! I wasn't aware of operator mono. One too many zeroes on that price

@lotus42 Turn off all lights in your current room. Turn on lights in an adjacent room. Wait. Close door. Enjoy mosquito free room. That's how I sleep at night in mosquito season.

@nikoheikkila that's an interesting font. Could you share the name? I want to change a bit from Fira Code

@whonix to anyone clicking here>
TL;DR: it's linking to a post from 2016-02-13 08:00:32 UTC. Not accurate anymore.

any projects using for / out there? I want to learn Haskell and am searching for motivational examples

@pperrin I never had any luck with ice cream makers. Never got that nice creamy texture. Let us know how it goes 👍

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