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@pperrin dark chocolate ice cream with chilli. You won't regret it.

@ashfurrow I did a similar thing with led strips on my kitchen too btw, looks cool

@ashfurrow the main pipe in my building got filled with crap while I was on vacation, dumping all the dirty water coming from the neighbor upstairs in my kitchen for days. I have one of those induction camping stoves from IKEA now. Works, but nothing beats a nice gas stove :sad_but_cool:

to the person who tooted about Boris and their album Flood: thank you very much, these guys are awesome!!

Related is there a way to search the local timeline?

Import all sheets in an excel file into separate tibbles, with some help from the . Could be more elegant, comments are very much welcome 😎 still looking. SUMO? will need two things: a framework for interacting with the browser automatically (simulate scrolling, open/close/switch tabs, clicking links etc), and a way to measure the energy consumption. Accubattery kinda does the latter, but the app itself also needs some power, and there's no way of exporting the data for further analyses. This week I'm busy interviewing for jobs, but I'll continue looking at this. Battery life is no joke :battery_empty: 😶

@Tarheel interesting but it doesn't show per app energy consumption

@jlhertel as always with skin products YMMV, but I found this to have a good price/benefit ratio. It also smells good.

I'll be in Berlin this Thursday for my first ever Data Science onsite interview. Any cool places to chill&eat in the morning before the appointment?

@decadecity oh. tell me more please! I too want to contain windows, that brat if you know of an app that can track individual processes' energy consumption (reliably), and export that information say as CSV, let me know. That would be a first step. If that doesn't exist, then I'll look for a way to make it.


@ashfurrow get out of bed, do something relaxing without looking at blue light. Try not to stay rolling in bed, that'll just stress you even more. Write down your thoughts. Maintaining a Mastodon is stressful..

(I'm a sleep researcher)

@ambv oh thanks for pointing this out. seems like a really cool game :blobcat: I understand. Honestly, since I tooted yesterday I've been thinking about the best way to benchmark browsers' energy consumption. After that I'll report an issue, if it really exists (could be all in my head)

@icanswiftabit I remember reading chrome was quite battery hungry, and likes to crawl in the background. Is this not the case anymore?

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