Show newer @thecapegreek I'll try this. I find it odd that no one benchmarked browsers in terms of battery consumption. At least in my case it's one of my most used apps, so I want it to be as efficient as possible.

What are you using in ? I feel is eating my battery a bit too much

reminds me when I looked in every old hard drive for my bitcoin wallet code when the thing was at 19k. Did not find it 🤦 @qyliss @rysiek @jacek I'm wondering though, how bad would this be for normal day-to-day life, in which my most sensitive info are bank accounts and some private github code (which is controlled by a third-party anyway). I mean, how easy would be to inject instructions remotely into my gpu and steal my cat photos and bank passwords?

@qyliss @rysiek @jacek I'm not familiar with docker and Wayland interaction, but is there a reason right now to use X instead of Wayland to do this? I was under the impression it should be safer

Heya people of, what does your C programming environment look like?

@esteban hehe good luck! youtube is your friend, otherwise just post a pic.💪 cool! I'm only running a mail client in a container because it was sucking all my CPU for some reason. Will try the same for Firefox. I'm more concerned about system efficiency, than absolute safety at this point, but I'll also try the profile stuff @rysiek thanks for that

@jacek I see, this is cool, was not aware it was possible. Thanks! For a while I thought you were running docker containers every time you wanted to launch firefox. No trail, but not the most efficient thing ever

@jacek firefox with a lot of containers? can you elaborate? 🤔

@ami I was thinking open hardware. Has Yubico ever been audited?

Besides Nitrokey, is there another fully open-source security key?

@Davecarolwilson these are not open-source though, right? I mean both the hardware and software

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