We bought a very cheap pine dining table from IKEA and it came unfinished (maybe just a thin coat of sealer). I've been spending way too long finishing it with polyurethane varnish. At some point I have to stop and ask myself whether this is worth it.

@gbrnt we bought the same table. never treat it. three years later it's still fine, but I wouldn't buy again. Not worth the effort, hard diminishing returns.

@jsantiago It's been a good project to learn about finishing with polyurethane, and for something to do when applying for jobs. Also sanded to 2000 grit it feels awesome.

@gbrnt oh yeah, sanded wood is awesome! I also enjoy doing it, love the smell. I'm curious how it looks like though, could you snap a pic?

@jsantiago Still a work in progress - Here is the polyurethane varnish sanded to 2000 grit, on just the top not the legs. Right now it's only shiny when you're at a low angle - I'll be going to 3000 grit and then buffing it.

@Zach @jsantiago
Yeah I've only ever had up to 2000 grit before this pack. After that I realised I have no buffing compound so I gave it a go with toothpaste! It looks like it worked pretty well.


@gbrnt @Zach that looks very respectable 👍 nice! do you have an idea of how long you've dedicated to this project so far? nice idea with the toothpaste

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@jsantiago @Zach I'm thinking about 2 hours for the initial sanding, maybe 3 hours total of varnishing, then 3 hours of sanding the top. It's probably much more than that. Basically I don't value my time enough.

@gbrnt @Zach haha man I also spent countless hours building, fixind and tweaking bicycles. It's just something that gives me enormous pleasure, like I'm sure you are proud of your table. If that's the case, then time becomes invaluable :bitcoin:

Yes, this. I really enjoy working with my hands on any number of things. There's also an element of "anything you can do".
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