I'm looking for good examples of code symmetry. Any pointers? 🧐

going from medical doctor, to neuroscientist, to data scientist in a fintech. life sure is interesting

any projects using for / out there? I want to learn Haskell and am searching for motivational examples

to the person who tooted about Boris and their album Flood: thank you very much, these guys are awesome!!

Related is there a way to search the local timeline?

Import all sheets in an excel file into separate tibbles, with some help from the . Could be more elegant, comments are very much welcome 😎

I'll be in Berlin this Thursday for my first ever Data Science onsite interview. Any cool places to chill&eat in the morning before the appointment?

What are you using in ? I feel is eating my battery a bit too much

Heya people of @mastodon.technology, what does your C programming environment look like?

Besides Nitrokey, is there another fully open-source security key?

Hey! I'm Santiago, and I'm a neuroscientist and aspiring data scientist. Happy user and bicycle mechanic

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