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I said it before on phones and I'll say it again:

It doesn't matter how premium your phone looks if you have to shove it in an ugly plastic brick to protect that looks. It does matter that you pay extra couple of hundreds for it though.

At the end of the day, you end up with plastic.

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@shom I'm reading through your blog now and see that you're also into darktable and somewhat video editing.

A bit late but I do have a dirty script that cuts and combines (and compresses) videos. As well, I like using openshot if I have lots of cutting/attaching to do.

As for I've been using it since I got my camera, so no real experience with lightroom. It's an awesome program. I use it for all my raw files.

Here's a picture that explains the issue better.

For example, .git should have index, but all the other index.sync-conflict should not. These are created by Syncthing and I want to be sure they're OK to delete manually (think rm) without screwing up git.

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advice please?

in my .git folder, there are trash files, sync-conflict created by . Usually I delete these in other directories and move on. Will deleting these files inside .git mess git (and my remote repo) somehow?

Also: I want to create a local copy of my repo. The idea is to have one for my live site, one for experimental site. Is there a way to do this locally without copying the files I want &leaving the git ones out? I want 2 different repos on local and on the remote.

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"You have won the release of her soul," the God of Death said. "I will give her a hale body, clothes and provisions. Where should I say she can find you, should she wish to?"
"What? She must come with me."
"I did this for her!"
"That was your choice. Her choices are hers."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

So, I have a couple of issues going on with Pixelfed. Anyone here is knowledgeable?

issues with account syncing here (it doesn't), changing the account avatar, and iframes - well, the iframes is more of a hugo question. Doesn't seem to work.

What is art's supposed to do, and why instagram is not for for art as far as I'm concerned...?

read it here:

hope you don't mind I'm tagging you here @jackbaty , I "found" your account as I was writing this :)

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Next questions:

Do you play Sci-Fi computer games, and if so, which?

Techies of mastodon, I forgot how to Twitter.

What is your Twitter method?

1. Open Twitter deck
2. Scroll down and column
3. Info overload.
4. Looks at and column
5. Getting bored, more exists here
6. Closes Twitter.

I want to change that. What do you do?

Sick. Went to the doctor to make sure it's not COVID. Test came out negative. Phew. Asked if booster is still a go. It is. Then if I should go back to work or what.

Doc looks at me like crazy: you're still sick. Man, when did everyone decided not COVID = not sick?

Doc got a point.

After a bit tweaking, assassin's Creed origins works like a dream. Full res, 60 fps. Who needs winblows.

Apple's new is bad enough even Daring Fireballs is yelling at it (

But don't worry, there's a fix! For only $2 you can install this Safari extension (

the UI just sucks. Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.

(is there a difference anymore?)

Good time to try ?

Good morning!

Here's to a productive, nice day you all.

things for me to look into in no particular order:

- fix connection between pixelfed and mastodon (pixelfed links shows old account settings)
- write more about the emacs mac experience
- update darktable on the laptop for upcoming trip
- see about creating a function for org-id that creates IDs from date, not just a random string (might require some time)

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I thought the transition from Emacs on Linux to Emacs on macOS would be smooth sailing. Well, not so much.

Here's part one:

Techies of some advice/direction with permissions:

I want to to organize my photos. For this, it needs to access my files on my synology.

connection: fine.
sshfs connection: fine, can mount.

Darktable still complains about access on the mounted folder. It also complains about access on my other internal hard drive (mounted in my fstab, no issues otherwise).

I'm thinking the user Darktable runs as doesn't have access? but top shows me as the user.

What gives?

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