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Yep, didn't know it's esc and now I do. What a weird key to use (for me anyway)

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Stupid question for terminal users: what is your meta key? Can't use alt. How do you M-x, for example?

In other news:

I have SO much to talk about regarding on in the office.

It's not easy to install and configure, especially when I make it hard on myself adding extra layer of challenges.

Two weeks in, I think the problems I'm running into now are at the point of not being macos, but just my own configuration / setup, which is a good thing.

also omg. where have you been my entire life?


Any good home recipes for a nice. *vegan* home spicy (but not too much) chilli?

I want to take out the iron skillet and make something nice this weekend.

OK! I'm mostly done here. A couple of things to finish:

Of course what works for you works for you. You are a critical thinker and it's because of that I'm provoked to explain what works for me and why. In turn it makes me think more critically.

For that, I thank you for writing these posts, they are always deep thoughtful.

So, this is not about having a right way or a wrong way, it's about why something works, which is what fascinates me, always 😄

Thanks for this post! 👍

(8 - end)

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This is not something I planned on doing, but it happened naturally over time, and now it is easy enough to find projects this way.

The key is though to really put it in the wiki, and I have a special keywords ("wiki") so I remember to reference something in my wiki files. I also have a "journal" keyword to remind to me reflect on something, especially if I want to discuss experiences, emotions, other people, etc. Finding stuff this way hasn't been a real issue for me, so I guess it works OK.



When a project is done, in order to find it I could use a search that will grab the "Active" keyword inside already done projects since I keep keyword changes logged (for done or cancelled) in my weekly files. But I never needed to.

reason for that is that any big project usually gets referenced in my personal journal and/or wiki, if it's something I want to repeat in the future. For the wiki, I re-right it in a 1-2-3 way that links to the old project with unique IDs as reference.


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the other constraint is time. To me, a project is something that has a beginning and an end.

Anything that is too long or might be too long is not a project, but a category. It starts its way as a parent tree in one of my weekly files, and if it keeps growing week in and out, month in and out, I eventually make it its own org file.

while technically not needed, it's helpful to see something like "" in my personal folder, as I know it's an ongoing thing.


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to sum it up, I'm "cruel" about my project. A project, to me, is either "active" (that's my keyword) or done. Done can be cancelled (keyword) or done (keyword).

This forces me to minimize what a project is, its definition, so I can go through it. My agenda stuck project configuration marks "Active" keywords that do not have any "TODO" keyword under them. It means exactly what it is: a project is stuck if I don't have an actionable plsn of what I'm doing next.


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second, you want to be able to find these projects, and when a project is marked as done, it looks like any other tasks you marked as done. You could use tags (which you are) but it's more the point that if you just use a keyword it's not enough, and if you need to use tags, it's not "purely" a keyword

(also by the way totally agree on not using keywords for people who may do parts of the projects, this is what tags are for, at least for me).

OK, now I can actually bring up my point:


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I'm of the camp of using keywords for a project, the one you repeatedly said in this post and the post that connects to it that you don't like.

From what I gather though, this is mostly due to two things:

first, there are projects that remain "open" even if their subtasks are all done. Maybe you'll get to it later, maybe you're stuck (for now), maybe it's just something without a pending actionable item all the time.


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@publicvoit a bit late, but this is a comment for your post

First, a bit of a sidenote, why don't I use diqus: besides the obvious privacy obvious "oh no evil company" bla bla, I use Twitter to log in, and then I have no way of knowing if there was a reply, unless I have a reminder to go back and check the commet. Mastodon is a place I'm logged into way more often on the desktop, and always on the phone, so there's that. OK! Moving on...


What are some cool tools you use that where an eye opener to how awesome Foss can be...?

Besides for me...

1. Syncthing
2. Sshfs
3. Dark table
4. Ffmpeg

There's more but that's what comes to mind right now...

Silence is golden, but my eyes still see. Talking is cheap, people follow like sheep...


I want to use keywords as properties (or tags) in my The idea is to later find entries by these words. "sweet" "honey cake" "honey" "dessert" and "sweet stuff" will be tied to the header "honey cake" in org.

I can use multiple tags for this, but tags do not support spaces. I can use properties, but properties are meant for single words (again, no spaces).

Ideally, "keywords" would be a property, and the terms mentioned the values. Kind of like an array. Suggestions?

So what do you guys think of the ? I understand the concept is not new, but is there anyone else right now offering the same?

This is not true anymore. I need to move this post.

I'm using libre pay with stripe. Yes, it's not private but no financial service like this can be. Opening a new account with limited information is the best that can be done (if you want to have such a service).

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The Framework laptop is the first laptop to ever score a 10/10 from Ifixit for repairability. But it's no thick-as-a-brick throwback the size of a 2005 Thinkpad - it's approximately the same dimensions as a MacBook.


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Unexpected (but now, totally sense-making) issue with Emacs on Mac: the keyboard.

in terminal, moving forward a whole word is alt, not ctrl... also, the keyboard is straight, I always use ergonomic one, and at home, a split mechanical keyboard. My wrists are yelling at me... but a windows keyboard is so weird with the Windows logo.

Weird issues.

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