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Added an updated to my org-capture post from 2 years ago, rather than just creating a new one.

Here's the updated post, part of a series:

I think I'll keep modifying and updating, making the blog more wiki-like this way, with a section dedicated to org-mode. Could be cool.

The beginning of this idea is today's post:

is freaking awesome. I didn't look into the integrated ssh agent until today.

Now, with Emacs working on the Mac (today was about getting the packages and modifying the config a bit), I want to SSH back home through Emacs (using TRAMP) to work on my org files.

The Mac I use at work has an admin account that is shared among the team. Don't want my ssh keys to be exposed. KeepassXC to the rescue!

It stores your private key, creates the public one, loads it and unloads it when done.

Woke a second time. Late, but still enough time to go into the post I was writing at 03:00. (That's 3 AM in American)

Interesting mindset: re-reading to myself slow, and out loud. Feeling how the sentence sounds makes me enjoy the proofreading process.

This brings me to ask you a question:

What is your proofreading process? Do you just shove your text into a spellchecker and hope for the best, or is there something more involved?

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I have just released my first #emacs package ever: khalel!
Khalel allows to list, edit and add local calendar events and even sync with remote #CalDav servers by wrapping around two command line tools, #khal and #vdirsyncer. It integrates with #orgmode so that events show up in my org-agenda and I can use org-capture to create new ones :)

The package can be installed via #melpa or from

I also wrote about it here:

Can't sleep, so might as well blog. Since I'm more prone to spelling/grammar mistakes right now, I am holding back publishing it until tomorrow at least.

I didn't think I'll see the day when I'll install emacs on a Mac... But my new roles at work landed me a new Mac mini M1.

Been trouble shooting for two days, resolved various issues.

1. Emacs wouldn't connect to any package lists without changing the tls method (forgot the line but fixed it)

2. Emacs has access to all files, but Ruby, which is what's running emacs, didn't. So Dired didn't have access to certain directories. Figured it out.

I've revised my capture template quite a bit since I wrote about them in the beginning of 2019...

Part of me wants to leave these alone and write a new post about the changes I've made. The problem here is that I already went into most of the changes over different posts, a bit here, a bit there... so it's scattered.

The other part of me wants to update these old posts with the updates and explain them, but that's taking away from the somewhat "beginner" vibe these have and their nostalgic value... 🤔

Regular user with an old machine:

"arrange for pickup and decommission"

VIP user:

"develop a plan... Put into a spreadsheet... There are different approaches..."

Big words that express fear and not much action. Do or don't do. There is no... plan. (I know it's try)

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The key lessons for us, 20 years later, are not new: things built in the immediate aftermath of a crisis tend to stick around long after the initial fear and chaos has subsided and they tend to metastasize.

Good morning..!

I think I like how my android looks now, gestures and dynamic notifications and all thanks to Nova launcher... Good stuff.

As promised in the post... the second video is now up. Created a new account on PeerTube so you guys can watch away from YouTube. It's here:

Part 2 discussion about things and and the like. Next will be with the new microphone!


Given just free time to do your own projects drains the fun out of those after a while and you go into "idle" state ending up killing time. You need to have errands, things you *don't* really want to do to get the "fun" back into the projects you *do* want to do.

Is this true for you?

I've worked on my last video recording way more than I intended to. That's OK, because I've learned a couple of new things...

...You know what that means, another post about what I learned :)

recording and editing videos:

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Wow. This kind of exploded.

I didn't expect folks to be so much in tune (ha, ha, ok bad joke) with this...!

Thanks everyone for boosting my original question! I can't thank you all personally, there's too many...

But I'm going to check out a couple of the recommendations - @unfa , @y0x3y , @j12i and more I can't see right now without scrolling through responses and being late...

Thanks again!

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@kensanata ah, you touched yet another commonality there my friend.

Back when I wrote a personal blog about my life in the city (non tech), I wrote it more as personal journal pieces.

I had quotes for certain posts. I would sit at a coffee shop with my laptop (eeepc back then, later a Chromebook) and would looks for quotes that would frame the post. I had a few people who loved these stories.... Memories.

Anyone here using for electronic composition? What do you use? Where do you even start to get some info?

I'm just curious. A friend just said I'd make a good DJ and I promised I'd look into it lol

Anyone here with package knowledge and can take a look at this grammarly-emacs integration and let me know if it seems like it could work...?

From what I gather, it's based on reversed engineered API, and I'm not sure how this would work on free accounts. I'd probably need to use use-package and I'm not sure 100% how ( used it once before).

When I update my packages in it tells me I have some 30 something packages I don't need and suggest that I auto remove them.

Doing so results in removing packages that are in use - I think it actually removes ALL the packages. Does someone know how the autoremove work and why it might not in my case?

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