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@adamsdesk I think it was you who said Twitter bother you less with 2FA? I think you're on to something...

logged into twitter and this time it just asked me if the email I gave it is still my email. Not only that, it didn't ask me for capcha before I posted. It just let me do it.

Not sure if it's the 2FA, the fact I wrote to twitter support and told them I'm real and to leave me alone, or both. Hope it will keep working this way!

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Directory management is a pleasure with Emacs dired!

For me most powerful feature is you can pass it regexp to match and select files accordingly.


the default ssh transfer with the compression is too slow, and also doesn't show progress bar. I'd like it to behave a bit more like "regular" scp via terminal.


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users, question:

I never played around with my TRAMP configuration and always used /ssh: with x-f and just Dired to the host.

I want to download folders of flac files to work (large files, each one is around 20MB).

I understand I can simply use /scp: instead of /ssh: and it works just the same.

a. Is this correct or it's not considered good practice in Emacs, and why?
b. Is there a built-in option to automatically configure it to switch to scp when I try to transfer?


India mike lima echo alpha romeo november india november golf november aloha tango oscar alpha bravo.

Also, coffee time.

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It's nice to be out on a vacation again. Small town, a digital dedicated camera, my synology at home is doing a good job getting my photos, now that I added ssh to it... Good stuff.

Who has been using OsmAmd for a while and can share some tips / answer some questions?

New post: Chromebooks and Dystopia. A look into Little Brother, a book that I think everyone on Mastodon should read.

Thanks folks for the vote! I see where I'll take it :)

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I had a draft of a post reflecting on a book I'm reading, which reminds me some of the hack-ish things I've done myself.

What would be more interesting to read: my own reflections and what I did (with possibly more technical stuff) or, why I think the book is so good, what are some of its highlights, and where it touches real-world cases?

Managed to post to medium last night, after which I discovered Twitter blocked me once more.

Twitter doesn't like users behind vpn with a burner phone number. But then again, neither does Google. Or Apple. Or Amazon. All need your real phone number, your actual IP address, an email they can use to reach you. It's for your own good, they say. To save you from the bad people.

I guess I'm bad people?

Another part of and the to keep it safe is to learn some yourself.

That's what I worked on last weekend with hack the box.

Surprising. I thought this is a kids' book but it's too realistic and dark. Could work for teenagers maybe.

I like the direction. It's 80% realistic with a few names and brands cleaned off (so the author doesn't get sued I believe) but it's easy to know who he's referring to.

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Never trust a computer you can't reach with a sledgehammer.

some interesting takeaways:

you can still navigate by the sun. Points to the south midday. Most cities have grids that correspond to east/west north/south.

You remember *way* more landmarks if your face is not constantly shoved into your phone screen. Your back will thank you, and so will passerby you don't bump into .

Good music is worth downloading in flac anyway. Forget Spotify.

Maps are available on signs, or PDFs you can download. No, you don't actually need turn-by-turn navigation.

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Going more private has a lot of old school attitude.

Don't use credit cards, use cash (of course no Apple Pay etc.). Don't use google maps, learn where you need to go and figure it out like you did a decade ago. Don't listen to streaming music, listen to music you downloaded.

What would you do if there was no big tech companies to hold your hand? Will you be lost?

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