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Techies, when asked a laptop recommendation from a friend or family member, what are your first three questions back?

1. What is your workflow now (devices, OS)
2. How much you can spend?
3. Why are you buying a new one?

I stopped worrying about new personal laptops since I started working in IT. People send out out of warranty laptops to be destroyed and I repurpose them.

These Chromebooks, and now old Dells, are powerful and perfect for Linux. And because no one needs the batteries and adapters for these, I get a supply of these too.

Packing materials that ship with new laptops are perfect for cable management and organizing new stuff also. CMOS battery for remotes are all around me in retired desktops.

What, you think you had enough posts? No way.

This time, I felt I wanted to make sure this tool gets the exposure it deserves: Flameshot.

If you use linux and you don't have a rock-solid screen-shot procedure and annotation (actually, even if you do), you should check it out:

I switched from to . I didn't really wanted to, but just got tired of Mint's inability to boot, so tried something else... don't think I'm coming back for now.

Management: triage all the tickets. Make sure they're in the right group. Assign appropriately and write descriptions of everything as they take place.

Also management: meeting. Now. Drop everything.

Also also management: didn't we tell you about the tickets?

@switchingsocial Hello there buddy, do you have any alternatives to #Evernote to recommend?

So Sync Center on windows... Anyone familiar with it? Knows how it's set up via GPO tied to a user?

Something only users understand: You're not joking when you say you're going over your agenda for today, which happens to be Sunday.

A graffiti game would be so easy to make for VR and it could be wonderful and fun

New (kinda) laptop
New Linux distro
New emacs (26.2)
New magit install
New ox-hugo install
New SSH key setup with github
New post

All works. All knowledge I learned the last couple of months. @kaushalmodi , you're an awesome teacher. It makes me feel so good I can use all this stuff today.

And for the rest of you -- leaning works. You can see, black and white, things you had no clue about months ago becoming a routine. Love it.

Last night: emergency! Work until 11:30 pm!
Today: emergency! Patch more, and find a way to target the machines that didn't get patched!
A few minutes later: We need a plan for this emergency! Hold on until we finish the paper work!
An hour later: Ok! Continue! But after the meeting about important shit like vacations and time off plocies! What, time to go home? Emergency! Work until 8pm!!!

Oh man.

I should blog about this, but a realization I had this morning:

The problem I'm having with syncing org mode to online accounts is that the old ways were messy. Several accounts, between Google (personal) and outlook (work). Different todo apps, different calendars and email accounts... *That's* the big problem. Never before (untill last year) there was one place with all my projects, todos and calendar. Online apps segregated and broke apart something that was always meant to work in unity.

And while I'm on a forum with fellow techie enthusiasts... does anyone here have a good place they trust to get batteries from? for old discontinued laptops?

I have a i7 which is a dream but I would like to have a backup battery.

as it turns out, linux has the latest emacs release available straight from the repo. Another reason I like this switch.

In case you guys don't know, flameshot ( is a pretty good tool for screenshots on linux, even though the workflow is not exactly obvious at start and some tools (text!) seem to be missing.

1. turn on text by running $flameshot config (not included by default yet)
2. to change color: right click
3. to change thickness: scroll *before* using the tool
4. there is no erase; just undo (ctrl+z)

I'm going to be using for my posts to test for now

I'm about to take the security +. Assuming I pass, what is the salary level for that if I don't change a role - just have it under my belt?

Launching software install from a management environment: 1 week technicalities, 2 months bureaucratic crap.

Microsoft Has Some Bad News For Windows 10 Haters

Am I reading the title wrong or is this article give you reasons to hate Windows even more?

feel somewhat sick, probability of taking tomorrow off is high. Got a bit drunk today spending anniversary with partner. Not good for sickness, good for mood.

1. What do you think I should do for sickeness
2. What would you do with a day off when your brain is not in full capacity?

suggestion highly welcome.

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