@kaushalmodi what? Netifly will NOT fix this?? (Im kidding I'm kidding, what you're saying makes sense).

Ok, I guess it's time to dive into my templates and see what changed this version (I use manjaro, and it finally update hugo after a a couple of months). My last post worked fine with my current settings, I didn't change anything template wise just my org for posts.

Hugo updated, and I seem to have a couple of issues with building the site (yes @kaushalmodi I know what you're going to say, I just need to change my DNSs...)

Hugo cannot find the html pages for taxonomyterm and home.

I guess this means my baseof template is not generating an index.html and some of my tags have the same issue.

Wondering if netfly will fix it and if so maybe I should just switch now.

@zatnosk I don't know what this is tied into, but i'm very impressed with the tool -- not sure how much here is you and how much is the tool (as in, pre-existing kits and such) but looks good!

What should I write about next on my blog...

1. Windows annoyances
2. Getting a camera instead of Pixel4
3. No need for Plex/Emby anymore
4. Three days without video games
5. Maybe switching to Linux 100%?

Anything you'd like to hear about? I already started writing about the windows annoyances, so maybe that would be just a bonus one :p

@Snowcrash cool! I'm in the midst of going into netifly, and that makes it even easier. I have a lot more to write...

...have you heard of syncthing? I have a feeling that if you haven't, you should.

@Snowcrash haha.. true that. I use only three commands in magit... stage, commit and push. That's it.

Well.. I also learned how to open another branch and work on it and then merge, but I forget... :p

@Snowcrash the other thing that I can't stand is how pushy everyone is in emails, in banners (click this! subscribe here!) when I'm in windows.

The fact that Instagram wants access to my audio to record my "stories" and the fact that Venmo wants to know my location to help me "find my friends" and I never asked for all of this.

That's the thing - the user is never asked. MS, Apple, Google --- the all know what you need better than you. I hate it.

@Snowcrash you work in security? I'm starting soon... I think.

So I will share with you that the first "slap" in my face was when Google shut down one of my accounts one day. Just like that. No reason no nothing. I suspect it has to do with some copyright stuff on my google drive, but yeesh, I've had much more terrible things before and was left alone. I email them, bagged, nothing. it was just dead. I lost a lot.


@Snowcrash you just keep falling into all these things I have a lot to share with you hahaha

I've been using hugo, somewhat similar to Jekyl. there's @kaushalmodi who introduced me to which is simply awesome -- all I do is write in the writing environment I live every day at work and at home (orgmode in Emacs) and it create posts for me.

Blog is at joshrollinswrites.com, by the way, if you want to see a simple hugo theme and more of what I do :)

@Snowcrash oh man... you're going to drag a bunch of folks in here about why you should care about your data in Google's hand and all of that... haha.. and it's not all about being boring. But I'll leave that out for now, we're speaking technical...

There's freeoffice and libreoffice (different ones, freeoffice is not foss actually but free and for linux and closest to Word etc.).

If I want to get fancy I can use html and CSS, but that's because I blog anyway.

Org-mode itself though comes with export options which you can use - to HTML, markdown, even the free version of doc files, which I forget now.


Also (I told you I'll talk your head off!) depending on what you want to get out of Emacs... I can maybe point you in certain directions.

if it's writing and blogging, I strongly suggest you look into org-mode if you haven't. I've been using for a while, a tool which I use to push posts directly to my blog. But, this involves other tools that might be beyond what you can handle at the moment.


Check it out here: oremacs.com/swiper/

Also, if you're starting out with Emacs, use the built in easy-customization tool: gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/

It's organized in a way that teaches you what you can tweak and play with, and it's a good way to learn. I still go there to see just what I can mess around with if I'm looking for something.

@Snowcrash For some (me included) the idea of being "buried" in Google's Echo system is not appealing.

I also have a Windows 10 machine, and I'm not saying Microsoft's world is better (for me), but like I tell everyone, I use Windows almost only for entertainment - games, music and movies. Nothing work related, writing or productivity.

the Chromebook in itself is a great idea, but I'd go with Ubuntu / Suse / Manjaro today, all easy to install, and the offer the same and more.

What's you're take?

@Snowcrash but not all is lost..

you can probably start by installing a package or two that will simplify your life. I strongly recommend IVY. These come with shortcuts and "tricks" that really simply stuff, and it's through these you can learn to complicate your config later to your heart content.

Another solution (which I haven't tried and not planning on) are the "flavors" of Emacs out there, like spacemacs and Doom, many people love these.


@Snowcrash In short...? No.

And I don't want to be an ass, it's just that every person's config is months (and years!) of minor adjustment that grow into a monster.

Even if I show you mine, and I'm basically a beginner, it will have all bunch of things that will be useless and won't make sense to you. For example, I have adjustment for my screen width, my theme, setting up my specific packages (a world in itself), setting up org mode (another world)... (1/2)

@Aarkon ummm...

- - -
org-footnote-delete is a compiled Lisp function in ‘org-footnote.el’.

(org-footnote-delete &optional LABEL)

Delete the footnote at point.
This will remove the definition (even multiple definitions if they exist)
and all references of a footnote label.

If LABEL is non-nil, delete that footnote instead.
- - -

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