@kensanata I use protonmail and I recently started using GPG (using your guide among other things) but I don't have Rmail...

Simply copy the text from the webclient into emacs and decrypt it, or vice versa. Still learning about this. I'm not getting enough mail to make this crucial yet.

@shrysr @temporal that's what he's saying. His mind blown over that ;)

@unfa @eludom yeah, Now I just need to figure out... Everything. I have no idea what I even need to start learning :thinksphere:

@eludom @unfa

haha... only myself for now.

Don't know if I told you this story before. Someone at work saw some of my pictures and decided that I need to try to record music because "I'll be good at it." yeah, from seeing my photos.

I always enjoyed electronic music, and then classical. Less on singing (I don't like to sing) and never picked up an instrument. I figured with computers, you don't need an instrument, though of course it helps.

@unfa nope. I could check it out. I watched some of your videos before..

Mostly I have this bug in my head that I need to at least try to create some music at some point.

dear @unfa
I think you answered me this one before, but I can't find it.

I don't have any musical instruments (keyboards or anything) and I'd like to just try to play around with some sounds. the most basic beginner thing there is.

Is there something out there for me? I have less than basic understanding in music, I typically enjoy house, chillwave, etc.

last one, a bit big. I need to figure out a way to make this workflow better...

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A few more photos from today's walk in the park.

Let me know what you guys think... been a while since I took photos.

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@publicvoit glad to see you blogging about this of all things.

I was worried about you a bit.. well not worried WORRIED, but more like, "this is why we can't have nice things" kind of worry.

Criticism is crucial, especially in ideas such as this. But from criticism that helps to trolling and breaking the spirit, that's messed up. There's no need for things to be toxic.

Since this is a known problem unfortunately, I think what you did here (turning around and writing about it) is the best thing.

@huntra makes me want to send them a nice picture of my ass: "there you go, use this for your ads" haha.

and while I'm on this soapbox, another thing:

creating an account with these guys means:

- a real phone number (non voip, they filter)
- access to your location, browsing habits, etc (because of your phone)
- access to your contacts (same)
- agreeing to be disconnected for no reason given, and losing access to your data (they still have it, of course)
- in some cases, giving them money

all of this so I can have my voice heard. Forget the government and big brother, just let this sink in a second.

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It's not just the verge of course. Everyone wants to use OAUTH, and sure, security wise (and lawsuit wise I guess) it makes sense. After all Google/Facebook have better security then the verge.

But it means that in order to comment on a public forum, I now need to go through FB and Google and Twitter. I Don't have a voice without them, not to the outside world.

This is fucked up.

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Just saw an article on the verge thanks to @CKsTechnologyNews (mastodon.social/@CKsTechnology) and was amusing myself with the idea of responding...

The more I use foss and linux, the more I forget there's this schism between me and, I guess, "regular" folks?

First of all, I have a bone to pick with the verge, but that's a different story (me and every techie I'm sure). If I want to log in, I need to use one of these accounts: facebook, twitter, yahoo (?!), or Google Plus (??!!).

Why...? What? fuck no, bye.


ughhh!! I hate them with passion. I guess that's what you get when you use their operating system, they can do whatever the hell they want with *your* computer.

It's not that I love Chrome that much of course, it's just... ughh.. makes me so angry.

@shom @Runlevelrobot@fosstodon.org

Welcome @Runlevelrobot@linuxrocks.online !

lots of folks out there with who love to share their work around here, use hashtags so they can find your post 😃

I myself use vanilla emacs but it might not be so different? I think? I don't know, I just ventured into vanilla and made it work for me.

@CodingItWrong @mbernabe

one more thing I want to add though:

no babysitter does not mean no help.

The Emacs community, the foss community, is *amazing* at giving help. I am a living breathing example.

The folks I talk to here on Mastodon are all full with goodwill and desire to help, and I'd like to think, me included. That's because we *love* what we learn, it's so effecient we want everyone to use it, and we're willing to put in the time.

That's also in the post - this sharing of knowledge.

@CodingItWrong @mbernabe I'm just seeing the discussion that developed, missed the issue Josh raised.

a "babysitter" in this case is where you don't care/worry about how things work. You call someone else (tech support, IT, etc) to take are of your problems.

I find that Emacs doesn't work this way. If you don't have that drive, Emacs is going to be annoying and will be tossed aside.

There are other "no babysitter" tools of course. Emacs is just an example, a very good one imo.

@david what in the world... Didn't know these exist. Could it be this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mycena_c

Also, hunting frogs sounds interesting, depends on what you do with them later though... : 🤔

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