Besides google voice, any free voip apps that give you an independent number? Recommendations?

@kensanata I just posted something on your blog. Not sure it went through...? Let me know :)

Now, imagine doing that while running a shell from .

Not only you can go back to whatever snipped you did, but you can paste it and go back and forth also *up* and *down* in the shell window (meaning, direction, not as in press up to repeat the last command!) and add whatever you need to the killring.

Now, that's powerful.

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Ha! gotta love .

Did you know:
C-w (or C-k) to kill or "cut" so, C-y to to yank (paste).

But! Did you also know M-y (alt-y) to go through your killring or "clipboard" and find the latest several things you have there?

I totally forgot :)

Just out of curiosity...
Any of you guys play non supported Linux game on Linux? You know E3 titles and such, epic games, etc

@itnewsbot this is very very good. We might not be fans of here (and the paranoid person in me tells me they'd work some backdoor with the gov) but for everyone else out there who *need* to start using encryption, this is good.

@kensanata I find there are a few folks with this case in emacs, especially in . They want orgmode to do X, so they start looking into packages and ask for help with elisp snippets right away, all the while X exists in one variation or another. What's the rush? Get to know the program, read the manual, see what it does, see how you can make it work..

Don't start banging on things and bending stuff as soon as you download the thing, take some time to understand it! Emacs is huuuuuuuuuge!

Say you follow a blog that you like and find useful. The blog accepts donations (but all content is free) in bitcoin. Would you consider donating?

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Me: *strokes Linux laptop gently to wake it*
Laptop: uhhuh? power on? huh what time is it? how long was I sleeping?
Narrator: The Linux laptop appears dazed and confused.
Laptop: are you using a strange power saving mode? *rubs eyes*
Me: there there laptop, it's OK. It's called "Hibernation".
Laptop: I'll try to continue.

This little story time repeats every time it wakes from hibernate, flawlessly.

@eludom @shom

This took longer to explain than I thought I would... what can I say, I'm a complicated guy.

How to color all-day events on your agenda in a different color:

I don't think or are much better. Even if they're not so much in bed with China as , they have their own problems.

What I've learned is not to trust any company or CEO that tells me they care about my . They don't. Tomorrow they'd care about roasted garlic, if that's what sells. That's their job, to sell.

My job is to keep my data from being sold. In order to do that, I must use my own services, or services which are transparent in their operation (open source).

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I kind of knew about this, but not enough. Apple currently has an entirely different TOS to iCloud if you're in china:

Among other things, encrypted files and encryption keys must be hosted on computers located in China (from the daily article). This means that Apple is actively *helping* the Chinese government to breach its citizen's privacy.

million dollar question: how can everyone else be sure their files / keys are NOT in China?

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Some important background on
Apple and China's relationship, and why Apple is so buried in China today, on the NY Daily (irony: you will listen to this podcast on your iphone...)

peeps: a way to create a chart from headers' properties? The properties are numbers, each header has a time stamp. So Y is the property number, X is the time... Need it to read the properties in the header including sub-headers. Anything?

good morning! This has been my perfect morning track for a few days (not in a row):

@kensanata don't shut down. There are many, too many, who are sincere and want the help. There are those who listen and want to help. These two types have nothing to do with outside factors like the ones I mentioned. Concentrate on those.

@kensanata some folks have their defense cranked all the way up.

I've met quite a few of those in my life, in different communities that are open to marginalized people. Sometimes it's so bad, I have no other way to call it than reverse racism: I am judged before I even open my mouth because I'm a white CIS male. I used to try to figure out how to be less threatening. When I realized it's my skin and sex, I gave up.

Most are not like this. Be patient, be welcoming, move on.

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