Ugh. I keep getting sucked back into twitter from random tweets. I want to have it blocked due to brain and soul damage.

@charims yes I'm picking up other devices including one AP... But i thought i could pick up phones too

I'm curious to see how many people are in this inn, so I'm running nmap scan . For some reasons I can't pick up my android phone with nmap -Pn

anyone knows why? I'm running it with sudo of course.

juuuuuust curious.

You know how some folks swear by mu4e for email in emacs? I need something that handles web apps. My work comes from a web app without API.

Does anyone have a workflow to share?

@mike actually it's KeePass I was talking about, just correcting for the record.

I might check it out! Personally I'm happy with an offline model that work with sync (syncthing in my case, but you can use dropbox or whatever) but a dedicated server based on foss sounds... good.

re: IRL subtoot about working freelance 

@mike interesting. How does it compare to passkey, especially for personal use?

No, just kidding. Please stop spreading pseudopsychology, every individual comes different with its own skills and weaknesses. Don't be an ass.

IRL subtoot about working freelance 

Being told I "have a way with words" again, after starting fresh all over again. People thank me for my writings. For explaining things to them. People want more. I'm thinking, I need to do more -- not for me, but for them. For the people. Is that odd?

I'm talking about what I found out last week: finding how to use two letters in capture to have "categories" (or sub-menus) of capture, for better organization.

@sekhat buy me coffee is actually what started this whole thing. They work with PayPal, which will give my name, etc.

I will look into Patreon, see how much of real information I need to put in..

@sekhat Patreon though is a whole platform where I set tiers and what will I do for that level and the next etc.

I don't want to do that, I just want people to have the option to tip me. I am not a business and I don't want to give "benefits" to those who pay me.

On my website, I wanted to add a simple "buy me coffee" button in its own section so people who enjoyed something I wrote could leave a tip.

Turns out I need a paypal business account, if I want to keep use my pen name, which is how everyone knows me. This in turn becomes a "legal business name" and phone numbers and address...

I'm not doing anything shady but my privacy alarms are going off. Plus, it's a freaking blog people, not a business. Address is virtual.

Now what? Any suggestions?

@kaushalmodi ...resolved. I think.

Turns out hugo doesn't come with "raw html" shortcode, not that I can find -- so this person created their own shortcode:

It works. I can see the button. not ox-hugo related after all (ox-hugo "sends" shortcode calls directly to hugo, cool)!

@kaushalmodi Seems like what I'm looking for is shortcode. I'm looking more into it, the shortcode for HTML. it's probably very obvious... somewhere.


ox-hugo question (I'm working on it and might find an answer before you get back to me)...

I want to add a donation button, which uses html code from a website.

Hugo docs says, no problem, if the page is just html, make it html instead of .md. OK, cool.

But how do I tell ox-hugo to leave it as html?

Orrrr even better: how do I tell it that the below section is html code?

if I use the #+begin_src then ox-hugo happily *highlights* it as code, but I want it to work as code in the page...

more goodness!

I'm talking about what I found out last week: finding how to use two letters in capture to have "categories" (or sub-menus) of capture, for better organization.

Thanks @leadore who helped me see that :)

ok I found something. And I'm just continuing the thread going at this point.


It seems to list all headers that link to the header you're standing on with the pointer. If you hit return on one of these, you're linked there.

Veeeeeeeeeeeery interesting. now I need to find a way to copy all these references and drop them into their own header on the header i'm standing on. But at least I can find them!

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