I keep finding things in the more I write about it recently.

For capture templates, you need to define a target. Usually you put in a path, like: "/path/to/file.org".

You can also just put a variable in there:

(setq my-path "/path/to/file.org")

and then in capture, just put in my-path instead of the full path.

What's the point?

Well, you can write a function which will define what that setq is, and have capture target files dynamically, using your function.


Can you capture a new line into a table in ? of course! And it's pretty easy.

Capturing Doctor Visits & Sickdays:

As part of my learning tech adventures I create a script in python last night...

...but how do I highlight in in src blocks in org mode? 😕

I know there's python-mode, but that kills org function in the same buffer. I want bits of code highlighted inside the begin-src / end-src containers.

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