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so another basic question to and users:

How do I suggest to add things to the manual? Particularly, adding examples?

I tried to email directly, but it seems to have disappeared into the ether (if you're on the list, search for "examples for org-manual")

thoughts? thanks!

I never wrote part 3 (and I think final) of my experiences of emacs on the iMac.

The one issue I'm unable to solve is how long it takes emacs to load with all my org agenda files. It takes about a full minute and a half. My solution is to kill recently changes buffers with I buffer each day.

Another odd problem is that refile doesn't work once it done loading. Agenda files doesn't hold any value. I have to re-run that code.

Techies of mastodon, I forgot how to Twitter.

What is your Twitter method?

1. Open Twitter deck
2. Scroll down and column
3. Info overload.
4. Looks at and column
5. Getting bored, more exists here
6. Closes Twitter.

I want to change that. What do you do?


I want to use keywords as properties (or tags) in my The idea is to later find entries by these words. "sweet" "honey cake" "honey" "dessert" and "sweet stuff" will be tied to the header "honey cake" in org.

I can use multiple tags for this, but tags do not support spaces. I can use properties, but properties are meant for single words (again, no spaces).

Ideally, "keywords" would be a property, and the terms mentioned the values. Kind of like an array. Suggestions?

Added an updated to my org-capture post from 2 years ago, rather than just creating a new one.

Here's the updated post, part of a series:

I think I'll keep modifying and updating, making the blog more wiki-like this way, with a section dedicated to org-mode. Could be cool.

The beginning of this idea is today's post:

I have a set of number data in properties under subtrees. Anyone knows of a food way to plot this in a graph, a basic line chart?

The headers are nested, not all numbers are under the same level.

If not in emacs, what software would you recommend?

peeps: a way to create a chart from headers' properties? The properties are numbers, each header has a time stamp. So Y is the property number, X is the time... Need it to read the properties in the header including sub-headers. Anything?

I managed to color an event in agenda with a different color and different weight (it's bold) than all the other headers, scheduled or not.

This is simple enough so that I can probably utilize it with a capture template.

This is a hack for a trick I've been trying to do for years... believe it or not, NO extra elisp code was used.

Curious to know how?

Now sorting through all the sync conflicts my 3 computers and Android are spitting at each other... fun.

By the way, pro-tip if you're using Syncthing to sync your org files (which is an excellent thing to do, if you ask me, my org files are too personal for GitHub or what not)

Use Synchting file's versioning. You can get backups of your org files this way for all kinds of "oopsies" like the one I just had.

Not a backup solution of course, but good stuff!

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I have a raspberry pi used to sync all my files (see post at: So I don't touch it much.

I let it run, download system updates (Debian Buster) once a month or so, restart, and go on with my life.

Today I'm realizing my org files haven't synced well for a couple of days... turns out, it runs Syncthing from *2017*!!!

has repos that are a bit out dated... but THIS outdated? I added Syncthing's PPA to all of my machines *besides* my Syncthing-dedicated hub... 🤦‍♂️ 😂

This morning, I feel a bit low on energy. Been this way since yesterday late afternoon.

How are you all doing? What would be interesting to read, if I'm considering another post, guide?

possible topics, below:

ok so I managed to write a simple python scrip that supposed to work for me, but I get a "operation on closed file" error even though I opened the file and it remains often.

first timer in Python here. Anyone here want to help me and take a crack at it?

is there a way to get org-mode (actually emacs) to automatically assign a task (TODO) each week at a given time?

I know about +w but it won't work for me in this case. I'm looking for something like cron, in a way, just for org-moe.

Think I'm done venting today about technology? Think again!

new blog post, a few org-mode improvement I've implemented:

Nothing too crazy new here, but if you want another take at my project management system, this is a good read :)


What's something useful you recently rediscovered in and especially ? Got any workflow ah ha moments?

Checking my rss news in on Monday is rewarding. What are some of your sources? Can you share?

Mostly interested in and of course :-)

I rediscovered focused writing within and then I realized it brought it to a whole new level.

how does EWW help me write, and how does a keepass (password manager) helps me to open Firefox only when I really mean it...?

Here's an awkward question: how to some up journal vids.

So I record myself ranting about something. I do that now and then when journaling is too slow or I need something more open ended it's fun.

The question is, how do I know what I talked about later on? when I write my journal entries, searching back is easy... but I can't do the same for vids.

Anyone here has a good working system, especially with ?


Dired to locate the image I downloaded while writing my post on then link to the file in org. Realize the file doesn't exist, eh?

No problem, switch to *messages* buffer, realize I asked Dired to rename to /image folder instead of /images and it couldn't find it, duh. switch back to Dired (it's all right there), locate the pic, this time move it to the right place with tab. Done.

I'd still sit there scratch my head: "where the hell did I just move this pic to?" without it.

Good morning friends,

Reminding that if you read my musing on my blog about and just generic stuff, I changed domains. Now on with a new post.

Please check it out and leave comments, I'm trying out commento (I lost previous moments since I believe I didn't set up disqus right)

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