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OK and folks of the mastodons, answer me this (pretty please):

is there a way to harness the power of Emacs without running Emacs? How do you do it?

Say, for example, I was to create a macro that uses occur in a file, then replaces all instances of that text with another text, and I want this macro to run with chron once a week...

...or, more org centric, say use org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift in org-mode on a file without actually opening it in emacs, etc.

How would you do it?

Thought I'd check on this again: anything new on the grammar front in ?

I know there's language tool but it's lacking compared to grammarly. What do you guys use? I ask this question every couple of months, and hope to hear something new :)

yes so it's the specific link. When publishing from I get "unable to resolve link: 'emacs'

the link is this: [[][Emacs]]

the Custom ID is 'emacs' right there in the same document.


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quesiton: when publishing (C-e) to HTML, orgmode can't render internal links, like [[ here]] any idea why?

OK so anyone here uses which is built on ? I'm curious if the system can be implemented on an existing org file (singular) with its header and existing tags.

I wanted to start a "back to basic" series for org-mode and Emacs.

The idea is to make people more aware of what org-mode has "out of the box" without rushing to use various packages and code bits: the productivity philosophy behind the "why", not just the "how."

I ended up repeating a few things I've said before, so if you find that you're interested in more details about something, look under the "orgmode" tag.

Hope you enjoy it!

I'm don't have years of experience with Emacs or programing. So where I manage to learn how to change color or tweak a font to my liking, it's a big deal. Here's how I changed my org-mode colors to work better for me:

I'm don't have years of experience with Emacs or programing. So where I manage to learn how to change color or tweak a font to my liking, it's a big deal. Here's how I changed my org-mode colors to work better for me:


This has been an issue since I started using org, pretty much:

When working in org, usually with refile, sometimes headers "disapear" and only
the arrow (which is my version of org elipses) show. I can fix this by killing the line (C-k) from before the arrow and yanking again. When I do t hat it pastes with the missing headings folded as they should have.

Anyone experienced this? What's the issue?

geek level 1: not working on regular geeky shit to do a more geeky project.
level 2: googling, picking co-worker minds, and scripting something for a few hours until completion.
level 3: coming home an adding it to my wiki
Bonus level: wiki is on org-mode


Most of you know I blog about and sometimes but I am also getting into :

Any advice on how to reach the audience? Not as simple as it sounds (reddit photo communities ban self promotion; Instagram is images only)

hope you like the break from tech stuff! :D

@kaushalmodi trying to wrap my head around using -mode macros for instagram instead of shortcodes since these don't work well with .

Doesn't really fit into submitting a bug, since I understand why shortcode doesn't work... I don't know what I'm looking for..? manual is cryptic about org macros, not sure how to utilize. Suggestions?

Even if you don't use I thikn this could be useful to some. How I keep track of my projects (spoiler: it's far from rocket science):

Happy #2020 ya all.

Have one video in the making (take 6 already... Not as easy as I thought)

Thinking about though 2019. Not a lot of changes, I think this is a good thing. Main points of my setup:

- individual org files for each week
- each weekly org file divided to "work" and "personal", more recently added "TAONAW" for my sites
- Syncthing and Orgzly to keep me orgmodenized on the go
- journal file split into weeks, wiki file

What about you? Questions? Opinions? :-)

any users us elfeed? I'm having trivial issues getting it going with org, the thing just refuses to update my feeds, with the org package or without.

posted an issue here:


TIL about the diff command, which is probably old news to many of you. Very handy in conflict resolution when syncing files in .

Then, of course, I learned has its own more powerful version of that.

Any or folks (or both) want to give me a few pointers before I dive into the manual later today? Maybe examples of usages, blog posts, etc.

I'm excited to learn this :)

folks, please help, this drives me nuts:

In agenda, there's a key combo that allows you to MARK several headers, and then with R to refile all of them.

What's that key combo? It's is not the default agenda dispatcher, it's something slightly different.

For the life of me I can't find it, and worse, I swear I used to be able to bring these options with "?" before but I can't anymore.

Thanks in advance!

Oh man. I slept well (no coffee after noon, apparently) and started writing out a post explaining my very-basic weekly template script.

I've been writing for almost two hours.

The depth in shebang or a mere date command... how to use, why it has weird options like counting seconds from 1/1/1970...

Wow, your brain can explode just from reading man pages and then looking up things online. So much information. So much better than just going to work... -.-

I'd study this all day if I could.

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