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Need some help with a slight annoyance in and possibly in (could be that it's how oxhugo creates the post, not how hugo renders it, not sure):

footnotes, which I'm starting to like more and more in , do not translate nicely to hugo.

Because of the the <sup> tag, force extra space between lines. The wording is automatic. I'd like to change that.

footnotes in tiny font, same line, red - and so is the return link. Possible?


At this point I'm late (according to my habit...) to post to my blog. It's not the lack of materiel, there's actually too much.

Sleep issues and inability to focus is the cause for now. Troubleshooting it...

I love when I can just create simple scripts now on a whim.

Just made a crontab task to create a new file every Monday at 2AM, copying it over from a template, changing the first line so it says : Week Starting Monday [that monday's date in yyyy-mm-dd formant].

Now I don't have to worry about creating a new .org file every week, it's all fully automatic.

I'm a person with a . I usually write about and at times some other tech stuff.

As a person, I also have things to say. For instance, I'm trying to pick up on a jogging habit, and I'm finding that avoiding added sugar in foods is actually quite expensive.

Being safe and private - not just for me but also for those I care about and work with - is not easy. I'm trying to figure out how to write about life experiences, and I'm stuck.

Anyone with advice? Experience?

Another org-mode elisp thing while I work here:

I want Emacs to start with my weekly agenda.

(add-hook 'after-init-hook 'org-agenda-list)

this fails, agenda doesn't launch (I get default window)

What works for me:
(add-hook 'after-init-hook

(last line is because scratch shows up with agenda)

It works but says invalid functions ""

I suspect my new theme's font mess lines in org-agenda. Is there a way to disable visual lines *only* in org-agenda buffers? Hmmm perhaps a hook every time before org-agenda?

repeating tasks in (yet another thing reading in the manual wasn't clear).

+w: event cycles exactly one week. That's it.
++w: event cycles exactly one week, BUT only in the future (true?)
.+w: event cycles one week from the moment of the last completion.

What do you guys think, is this true? I've been watching Rainer explaining it which was helpful:

You know how some folks swear by mu4e for email in emacs? I need something that handles web apps. My work comes from a web app without API.

Does anyone have a workflow to share?

I'm talking about what I found out last week: finding how to use two letters in capture to have "categories" (or sub-menus) of capture, for better organization.

more goodness!

I'm talking about what I found out last week: finding how to use two letters in capture to have "categories" (or sub-menus) of capture, for better organization.

Thanks @leadore who helped me see that :)

And another question for folks out there:

I'm looking for a feature that would create links to all *other* files that link to a file. So for example:

** header bla bla
*** what links here?
- [link to header]
- [link to header]

How would you go searching for something like that? What is the "language" or the term for what I'm looking for?

@secstate @kaushalmodi @leadore

I don't know what's limit in terms of how big a file can be. My agenda search is already expanded to archive files as well.

I think I just need to rename these files every month or so (, for example) but this will still break links since I'm changing the name of the file -- unless of course I _create_ them this name to begin with... but then I'm kind of where I started, with the weekly files... lol

I'm going in circles...


@secstate @kaushalmodi @leadore

This morning I finished my latest "evolution" of my :
Two .org files, one for personal and one for work. This is different than the past: I had a weekly file ( for each week. In my org, separation like this to weeks is redundant.

I'm happy with it for now, my concern is that these org files will quickly become very big.

If I archive headers in these, it breaks link though. Also forgot the property that preserves tree structure in archive. (1/2)

I posted a somewhat philosophical question on reddit regarding and how you do your files. It's a pretty... slow community. Any long-term org users want to jump in maybe?

friends! Do you use thunderbird for your email? Do you involved org mode in your process? How? Please share.

I know there's an extension (add on?) For external editor for it, but it doesn't seem to work anymore. Anything else? I'm not particularly interested in managing my email in org (or emacs) at the moment.

From Twitter - Experimenting... 

The new features allows me to get an affective Todo list *with* events without keywords.

Simple quick reminders next to an annual event in this picture:

keeps teaching me new things. While examining archiving again and maintaining tree structure (re-learned this one), learned the value of footnotes.

C-c C-x f. It automatically creates a footnote for you under footnotes header (which it creates if not there), and if you stand on an existing footnotes, it jumps there for you.

Very handy when you want to keep explanation separate from your lean numbered lists.


In capture:

Getting a file from template is possible: (file [path to file]).

Getting promoted to enter value for a property is possible:

Suppopse I want to use a file as a template *and* get promoted for a set of given properties... What would the syntax look like? Any examples? I'm not a LISP guy, go easy... >.>

This morning, working on organizing my new capture templates, I hit another org-mode problem with an "obvious solution" which the manual doesn't seem to make very obvious.

This time: Using a two letter combo for capture templates ( "iw" for "interruption walk-in" and "ib" for "interruption boss" for example)

The manual covers that in one line that you need a dictionary to break down, and the example is not good.

I smell another post coming. Hope you guys like org capture ;)

There are many of you out there who know how to write a nice template...

but did you know you can point it to a text file which can include a WHOLE org file, to be your template?

Imagine full checklists with several headers for a complicated process which you can summon again and again without even opening a file for copy-paste. My job just became easier.

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