folks, any recommendations for a mouse for a linux desktop?

Things I'm looking for:
- good wheel for scrolling and easy to click
- fits in the palm of a hand (small hand though)
- optional: additional keys that can be saved into the mouse (no software needed)

A quick post about Rimworld that is way overdue:

I'm trying to write more often, it's harder than it sounds...

And the Thinkpad... well. it's not fair to compare because I don't use it for work. Just for fun stuff, like processing my photos and videos, remoting to home server (ssh), the concessional game here and there, and of course Emacs with all its glory. The oldest one, the sexiest one, runs like a dream with zero issues and zero freeze ups.

Guess the value of money of each one? Age? Specs?

Enough said.


And since gaming is a big part of my day and I blogged about these before, I was thinking of doing this format:

1. Explain how you got the game to run in Linux (what's the environment) - 50% of the games I play are not native on Linux

2. Why I wanted to play this game, how much it cost me (usually I find a sale), also when it came out

3. what I like in bullet points, what I don't like in bullet points

4. is asking what more people would like to know about said game


good morning..!

Question to the techies.
My laptop (Thinkpad 470s) is running Linux Mint 20. Doesn't detect external monitors connected to HDMI. Any idea how to fix?

It doesn't even show it's detect in preferences, I tried different screens.

Techies of some advice/direction with permissions:

I want to to organize my photos. For this, it needs to access my files on my synology.

connection: fine.
sshfs connection: fine, can mount.

Darktable still complains about access on the mounted folder. It also complains about access on my other internal hard drive (mounted in my fstab, no issues otherwise).

I'm thinking the user Darktable runs as doesn't have access? but top shows me as the user.

What gives?

Anyone here using for electronic composition? What do you use? Where do you even start to get some info?

I'm just curious. A friend just said I'd make a good DJ and I promised I'd look into it lol

Using rectangles in Dired, this task took me 5 minutes.

switch to wdired (written dired) mode with C-x C-q. Then use combination of kill rectangle and insert string rectangle.

100 files? 1000 files? 5000? No problem. And this is in a program that was written in what...1974?
Nearly 50 years ago? for FREE?

Can we just stop for a second and appreciate this beautiful thing?

Why do I need anything else to manage my directories & files? What for? I just feel grateful.


Dired is a beautiful thing.

Wanted: change weekly org files to date from week number follow by year number to year number followed by week number (so it's by ISO date).

example: change to:, then change to:

Each year has 52 to 53 weeks. I have 2 years worth of files, so about 100 files that need to be renamed.


Spent too much time this weekend trying to get my ssh keys to work with Synology.

I upgraded to DSM 7, which comes with a few upgrades that I need, but lost the ability to ssh in without a password. I transferred the key successfully, I see it in authorized-keys... but it still asks me for a password each time.

Don't like the idea of logging into it with passwords. Anyone else got over this issue?

Trying to have my laptop start from a a bootable SD card doesn't seem to work. Should be as straightforward as usb flash drive, no?

I'm proud to present to you my first script on gitlab. A long post on how to automate joining videos, compressing, and uploading them to a remote server in bash. Hope you like it!

Good morning,
Finalizing a pretty big post on a script I wrote. I wish I could write more often, and less, than fewer posts and longer time in between.

Also, it's weird to write about scripting for me:
I'm a beginner, so I'm in no position to "teach" what I did, but I'm also not clueless, so I try to, but then it might be too confusing for those who are new to it.

*are* there any folks here who do not script to some degree? in Bash? This is Mastodon technology, after all 😄

one thing I can't figure out:

I'd like local configurations (for example, the path where the videos are stored) to be sourced from a variable in a different script. This can be done with "source" or just "." in the script. This seems to work...

...but only if the other variables or functions in the are in a .sh file in the *same* folder as the main script. Kind of defeats the purpose for me. Anyone knows a solution?

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I like how I'm learning more bash and scripting in general. It's a use-case scenario.

two weeks ago, I got annoyed that I need to enter timestamps into ffmpeg to cut out specific parts, then another command to run on a text file to join them again, then another one to compress. Built a complicated script for that, it was fun.


Good morning techies...

I'm looking into a virtual Android environment for Linux. I currently run macOS and Windows KVM, and I'm wondering if there's a good Android option?

I'm not super familiar with Android virtualization or KVM, so some tutorials would be useful...

A post starting to touch the huge topic that kept me busy for the last couple of weeks: gaming on Linux. Specifically, playing games that re not meant to run on Linux. This post is just the intro:

Curious: a way to use KVM on Linux so it takes a network adapter (wifi in my case) that is not used by the host? Give it a dedicated wifi adapter basically?

This morning, I feel a bit low on energy. Been this way since yesterday late afternoon.

How are you all doing? What would be interesting to read, if I'm considering another post, guide?

possible topics, below:

I'm (hopefully) starting a new blogging tradition: MoLis (MOnthly LInks). The idea is to link a few of the links that I found helpful last month that I wanted to share with my own explanation.

Let me know what you think :)

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