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so another basic question to and users:

How do I suggest to add things to the manual? Particularly, adding examples?

I tried to email directly, but it seems to have disappeared into the ether (if you're on the list, search for "examples for org-manual")

thoughts? thanks!

Lots of thoughts after the and I'm still not sure I got all of them down...

But here's a taste:

....Emacs doesn't come with tech support, it comes with a manual. It's geared toward responsible individuals who can handle a computer without a babysitter. That's why Emacs is not just technology, it's a lifestyle. It's a proud discipline and a responsibility.

Read more on my blog:

so many good thoughts about the and . I just spent the last hour and a half writing about it....

A couple of things I looked into again because of emacs and the conference:

IRC (you can see my vents from earlier)

GPG (finger print now on my profile!)

Git (I am finishing up the course, doing good)

Only downside is that I feel a bit sick, having this annoying throat pain. Had some tea.

On the other hand, saying home and doing more good tech stuff def. sounds good! 😃

anytone using hexchat here on linux and successfully logged into the libre emacs IRC channel?

I can't get the SASL authentication right even though I followed instructions on:

Well I'll see you all there

Look how great this looks inside Emacs' EWW:

Also, btw, matrix chat doesn't see to lead to the room (just says loading) anyone has it working? Or too early yet.

I never wrote part 3 (and I think final) of my experiences of emacs on the iMac.

The one issue I'm unable to solve is how long it takes emacs to load with all my org agenda files. It takes about a full minute and a half. My solution is to kill recently changes buffers with I buffer each day.

Another odd problem is that refile doesn't work once it done loading. Agenda files doesn't hold any value. I have to re-run that code.

I'm trying to conquer my fear of git and github/lab.

I'm running into some issues and I have a basic understanding of what's going on, but I get lost between the different steps. I was wondering if anyone here can help real time? It will probably take a couple of minutes...

chat on matrix, etc.?

Techies of mastodon, I forgot how to Twitter.

What is your Twitter method?

1. Open Twitter deck
2. Scroll down and column
3. Info overload.
4. Looks at and column
5. Getting bored, more exists here
6. Closes Twitter.

I want to change that. What do you do?

I thought the transition from Emacs on Linux to Emacs on macOS would be smooth sailing. Well, not so much.

Here's part one:

Stupid question for terminal users: what is your meta key? Can't use alt. How do you M-x, for example?

In other news:

I have SO much to talk about regarding on in the office.

It's not easy to install and configure, especially when I make it hard on myself adding extra layer of challenges.

Two weeks in, I think the problems I'm running into now are at the point of not being macos, but just my own configuration / setup, which is a good thing.

also omg. where have you been my entire life?

What are some cool tools you use that where an eye opener to how awesome Foss can be...?

Besides for me...

1. Syncthing
2. Sshfs
3. Dark table
4. Ffmpeg

There's more but that's what comes to mind right now...


I want to use keywords as properties (or tags) in my The idea is to later find entries by these words. "sweet" "honey cake" "honey" "dessert" and "sweet stuff" will be tied to the header "honey cake" in org.

I can use multiple tags for this, but tags do not support spaces. I can use properties, but properties are meant for single words (again, no spaces).

Ideally, "keywords" would be a property, and the terms mentioned the values. Kind of like an array. Suggestions?

Unexpected (but now, totally sense-making) issue with Emacs on Mac: the keyboard.

in terminal, moving forward a whole word is alt, not ctrl... also, the keyboard is straight, I always use ergonomic one, and at home, a split mechanical keyboard. My wrists are yelling at me... but a windows keyboard is so weird with the Windows logo.

Weird issues.

I didn't think I'll see the day when I'll install emacs on a Mac... But my new roles at work landed me a new Mac mini M1.

Been trouble shooting for two days, resolved various issues.

1. Emacs wouldn't connect to any package lists without changing the tls method (forgot the line but fixed it)

2. Emacs has access to all files, but Ruby, which is what's running emacs, didn't. So Dired didn't have access to certain directories. Figured it out.

Anyone here with package knowledge and can take a look at this grammarly-emacs integration and let me know if it seems like it could work...?

From what I gather, it's based on reversed engineered API, and I'm not sure how this would work on free accounts. I'd probably need to use use-package and I'm not sure 100% how ( used it once before).

When I update my packages in it tells me I have some 30 something packages I don't need and suggest that I auto remove them.

Doing so results in removing packages that are in use - I think it actually removes ALL the packages. Does someone know how the autoremove work and why it might not in my case?

Using rectangles in Dired, this task took me 5 minutes.

switch to wdired (written dired) mode with C-x C-q. Then use combination of kill rectangle and insert string rectangle.

100 files? 1000 files? 5000? No problem. And this is in a program that was written in what...1974?
Nearly 50 years ago? for FREE?

Can we just stop for a second and appreciate this beautiful thing?

Why do I need anything else to manage my directories & files? What for? I just feel grateful.


Dired is a beautiful thing.

Wanted: change weekly org files to date from week number follow by year number to year number followed by week number (so it's by ISO date).

example: change to:, then change to:

Each year has 52 to 53 weeks. I have 2 years worth of files, so about 100 files that need to be renamed.


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