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Been working on liberadonate button and it's been a pain. Can't create a simple image link page for some reason, it insists on breaking the link to make it internal instead of universal.

On the other hand, if you go read Wired's article in it's awesome. Not only there's no "pay us" ad, you can also get rid of the menu and the links and all the other social-networking crap with R (readable mode) in Eww. Awesome.

(I pay for Wired subscription)

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I have a set of number data in properties under subtrees. Anyone knows of a food way to plot this in a graph, a basic line chart?

The headers are nested, not all numbers are under the same level.

If not in emacs, what software would you recommend?

Last night I quickly implemented a EWW-wordnik function. Wordnik ( is an excellent word-definition website if you haven't heard of it.

Abo-abo's define-word does this, but it's too brief ( so came up with my own thing with some help from IRC.

Now, imagine doing that while running a shell from .

Not only you can go back to whatever snipped you did, but you can paste it and go back and forth also *up* and *down* in the shell window (meaning, direction, not as in press up to repeat the last command!) and add whatever you need to the killring.

Now, that's powerful.

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Ha! gotta love .

Did you know:
C-w (or C-k) to kill or "cut" so, C-y to to yank (paste).

But! Did you also know M-y (alt-y) to go through your killring or "clipboard" and find the latest several things you have there?

I totally forgot :)

peeps: a way to create a chart from headers' properties? The properties are numbers, each header has a time stamp. So Y is the property number, X is the time... Need it to read the properties in the header including sub-headers. Anything?

I managed to color an event in agenda with a different color and different weight (it's bold) than all the other headers, scheduled or not.

This is simple enough so that I can probably utilize it with a capture template.

This is a hack for a trick I've been trying to do for years... believe it or not, NO extra elisp code was used.

Curious to know how?

users, question:

I never played around with my TRAMP configuration and always used /ssh: with x-f and just Dired to the host.

I want to download folders of flac files to work (large files, each one is around 20MB).

I understand I can simply use /scp: instead of /ssh: and it works just the same.

a. Is this correct or it's not considered good practice in Emacs, and why?
b. Is there a built-in option to automatically configure it to switch to scp when I try to transfer?


So... First weekday on my fresh Mint on my Desktop, which is my main machine. Turns out I can't go to Windows even if I want to...

I like the look though, the wallpaper fits nice with the colors, and some of my favorite apps are around like old friends: Flameshot, Lollypop.. and of course the regulars: (fully configured already as you can see) KeePassXC, Signal...

is there a way to get org-mode (actually emacs) to automatically assign a task (TODO) each week at a given time?

I know about +w but it won't work for me in this case. I'm looking for something like cron, in a way, just for org-moe.

Think I'm done venting today about technology? Think again!

new blog post, a few org-mode improvement I've implemented:

Nothing too crazy new here, but if you want another take at my project management system, this is a good read :)


anyone knows how to add SASL authentication to rcirc? I must do that now instead of authenticating with nickserv :/

What's something useful you recently rediscovered in and especially ? Got any workflow ah ha moments?

Checking my rss news in on Monday is rewarding. What are some of your sources? Can you share?

Mostly interested in and of course :-)

I rediscovered focused writing within and then I realized it brought it to a whole new level.

how does EWW help me write, and how does a keepass (password manager) helps me to open Firefox only when I really mean it...?

Morning techies..!
Not a good sleep tonight, again.
Greatful that my shift starts late, and of course, this:


Dired to locate the image I downloaded while writing my post on then link to the file in org. Realize the file doesn't exist, eh?

No problem, switch to *messages* buffer, realize I asked Dired to rename to /image folder instead of /images and it couldn't find it, duh. switch back to Dired (it's all right there), locate the pic, this time move it to the right place with tab. Done.

I'd still sit there scratch my head: "where the hell did I just move this pic to?" without it.

Good morning friends,

Reminding that if you read my musing on my blog about and just generic stuff, I changed domains. Now on with a new post.

Please check it out and leave comments, I'm trying out commento (I lost previous moments since I believe I didn't set up disqus right)

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