another day, another exploration question...

On Dired, you can run ! for dired-do-shell-command or & for dired-do-async-shell-command (which is awesome btw, doesn't hang Emacs)...

The problem is: "For both ! and &, the working directory for the shell command is the top-level directory of the Dired buffer." This means that if if I use TRAMP and want to run a program that installed locally (on the client) from within emacs, I can't. It's looking at the host.

How do you change that?

folks, anyone use proton successfully from within emacs? mu4e or notmuch, doesn't matter at this point.

I can't find a good recent step-by-step guide, just the different aspects, a piece here and a piece there etc. there are probably several steps with programs in the middle I need to understand.

Suggestions? How hard of a task is this?

Some interesting discussions here with other folks who like photos and traveling!

my new post is up, something short about photography and color (and travel):

@shom @kensanata @eludom @jackbaty

So I've been trying to get a piece of elisp to work again and I don't get what's wrong:

(setq org-id-prefix #'file-name-base)

Seem to give org-id-prefix the value file-name-base literally instead of executing the function and assigning its value. Not sure why that is.

I tried different things... Must be tired and not getting this right.

Which player do you use?

Currently trying to play with bongo, trying to figure out how to tell it to use mpv for starters. Wondering if there are other options you folks like.

so @leadore you helped me figure out I can write a function directly into capture, and you're right, it works ok:

("e" "Event" entry (file "~/Archive/OhSnap!.org")
"** %^{Name} @ %^{:Location} \n ID:"%(format-time-string "%y_%W.%Y.%m.%d.%H%M.%S") :kill-buffer t)

(I also took your tip that there's no need for current time in this case, thanks!)

OK, but how do I tell capture to actually write out the output of this function? I tried print, princ, write... nothing. Stays blank?

The case for low contrast themes:

I usually use reddit as "read only" kind of source these days, but I wanted to open up the discussion for more people.

What's your take?

Emacs beginnings:
"How do I make Emacs look like X, function like Y, and do Z?"

Emacs zen:
"How do I make X, Y and Z work from inside Emacs?"


My exploration is up, and I wrote all about it: "learning emacs lisp":

@tastytea I couldn't do this without you! Thank you so much 😊

@leadore if you're still around, I hope it will be something to read and enjoy...

another trick which is just so simple and awesome (in case you didn't know): run programs on files with & instead of !, and emacs won't hang on you.

I use it now to watch movies with MPV, movie plays, I can still use emacs in the background. Dired is awesome.

OK, so my latest trial in lead me to a code here:

I think I'm calling it a day... I don't think I wrote a lisp function from scratch ever, trying to make it work. Not sure what's up with the syntax.

Some quick help anyone?

Sorry for the picture, I won't go on mastodon from work computer.

I'm trying to set a variable for the current time function (which works on its own). I tried let (from memory I should use that for local variables in functions) and setq.

This is probably a syntax problem... Thanks :)

Can you capture a new line into a table in ? of course! And it's pretty easy.

Capturing Doctor Visits & Sickdays:

fit-frame-to-size! Hi, how are you, where have you been man? I've been dragging windows edges to fit the lines for years...

about time I'd stop and think "wait'a'minute... this is emacs, there gotta be a way to do this without a mouse..." well of course there is.

One key press, boom, lines fit nicely in the frame.


so, to be clear, I want which-key to auto-activate when Emacs launches.

It used to work just fine a few months back, I'm not sure what changed, my setting or an upgrade to the package or both.

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As part of my learning tech adventures I create a script in python last night...

...but how do I highlight in in src blocks in org mode? 😕

I know there's python-mode, but that kills org function in the same buffer. I want bits of code highlighted inside the begin-src / end-src containers.

doesn't seem to let me upgrade packages individually.

I can only mark all packages in need of upgrade (U). I then deselect all besides the one I want (u), which in itself is a weird workaround.

When I hit x to execute (with only one packaged marked) it still gives me the original number all ALL packages to be upgraded. If tell it to go ahead, it upgrades ALL of them. Don't want that.

Any insight? How do you upgrade only the packages you want?

@publicvoit @kensanata @anonimno any tips perhaps?

so another basic question to and users:

How do I suggest to add things to the manual? Particularly, adding examples?

I tried to email directly, but it seems to have disappeared into the ether (if you're on the list, search for "examples for org-manual")

thoughts? thanks!

Lots of thoughts after the and I'm still not sure I got all of them down...

But here's a taste:

....Emacs doesn't come with tech support, it comes with a manual. It's geared toward responsible individuals who can handle a computer without a babysitter. That's why Emacs is not just technology, it's a lifestyle. It's a proud discipline and a responsibility.

Read more on my blog:

so many good thoughts about the and . I just spent the last hour and a half writing about it....

A couple of things I looked into again because of emacs and the conference:

IRC (you can see my vents from earlier)

GPG (finger print now on my profile!)

Git (I am finishing up the course, doing good)

Only downside is that I feel a bit sick, having this annoying throat pain. Had some tea.

On the other hand, saying home and doing more good tech stuff def. sounds good! 😃

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