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Every time I open an incognito tab to test something, this guy from Raiders of the Lost Ark is watching, and ready to threaten me with a hot iron.

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@kaushalmodi So... I now want to merge with magit, and I have a conflict. I opened the log and it tells me I have a conflict in my site .org files (where I write the posts), and that it failed auto-merging. It wants me to resolve...

...so what does it mean, "resolve". Do I go in there and just save it after I make sure it looks like what I want, or is there another copy of a file somewhere I need to delete first..?

I'm reading up, but I thought I'd send you a message also see what you have to say.

So far, a good self-care weekend: a nap in the afternoon yesterday, and now finishing a walk in the warm weather.

@kaushalmodi I'm revisiting the issue with magit now.

I think this is the view of everything in details in the image below.

I don't particularly care about CSS_Post_explain, this is a short paragpraph explaining what's the hold up. The local master (at 4ca7721) is where I want it to be - this is where I applied changes to my CSS.

Now what I want to do is to be able to keep working on that, while my blog online remains the same. [1/2]

@kaushalmodi @emsenn

so seems like I branched with magit correctly, and I checked out into the new branch. Next, downloaded hermit (my theme) zip, and unzipped it into my hugo theme sites. OK.

Now, I want to push this branch to github, just so everything is synced. I want hugo to still work off my master (which I think it will do anyway).

pushing: P p doesn't work, says "nothing to push". I'm not sure what it wants from me hmmm.

Opened windows today to work on something for work. Greeted by the helpful ribbon in File Explorer.

Wow. Who's doing Microsoft's GUI?! What are they smoking? I forgot how horrible it is!

The best invention of this GUI - the ability to minimize it out of sight.

Ladies and gentlemen.... the new (maybe) .


See kids, that's what desperation of falling stocks do to a company. Steve Jobs is probably going to come out of the grave and choke Tim Cook with his bare zombie hands.


Again I was trying to fix my template in , but kept getting defeated by other technical issues in the way. This is a pattern. I need to vent (it's part of the process) so I just posted the follwing:

This. You know how easy it is? So easy that you set it once, and that's it. It works. I don't care if stole some of the best features, they make sure the bad ones stay out.

I don't know why it's only considered a "n00b" distro. I just switch back to it and I love so many things about it. It's stable (not a single crash yet), no pushy updates, and completely free. You can't beat that... just can't.

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