The : "We hope criminals worldwide will fear that the FBI or another law enforcement organization may, in fact, be running their platform.”

Not just criminals. Citizens. People who are entitled to privacy and hope big brother is not watching every text they send their sick mom and every picture they get from their family abroad. I hope they all start fearing.

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This is the kind of crap that makes me cringe.

"Who are these teenagers boasting about selling backdoored phones to the public...? Oh yeah, it's the government. Fun."

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I managed to color an event in agenda with a different color and different weight (it's bold) than all the other headers, scheduled or not.

This is simple enough so that I can probably utilize it with a capture template.

This is a hack for a trick I've been trying to do for years... believe it or not, NO extra elisp code was used.

Curious to know how?

Games I've installed so far and had working through various "hacks" and scripts available online.

Most of the games here are not meant to run directly under Linux and need Wine tricks. Some are from Steam, some are from Epic (without needing the Epic store). Some require a bit more tweaking than others... but they all work.

The environment is more inviting and more stable than Windows.

Seriously, f*ck Windows.

...time to run to work.. early today, making sure the servers are on.. where's baseball bat

If you're using @protonmail

WATCH OUT. There's a phishing attempt going on that seems to come from proton mail support.

The sender is "" with 3 Ls at the end, yes. It prompts you to download and run an *attachment* to verify your account.

To their credit, @protonmail does flag this email as a phishing attempt. Good on them!

So... First weekday on my fresh Mint on my Desktop, which is my main machine. Turns out I can't go to Windows even if I want to...

I like the look though, the wallpaper fits nice with the colors, and some of my favorite apps are around like old friends: Flameshot, Lollypop.. and of course the regulars: (fully configured already as you can see) KeePassXC, Signal...

Just like clockwork, Signal adds new eyecandy for all the new WhatsApp deserters to feel at home. When I said this will happen two weeks ago

I didn't think it will happen this fast.

How long before one of these features conflicts with encryption because it needs access to user data? How long before it's turned on by default?

Good morning!
First day of "real" 2021 because it's a work day. Will you get confused and write 2020 as the date out of habit...? I know I will.

My partner's brother knows me well... Look what I got for Christmas!


Morning techies..!
Not a good sleep tonight, again.
Greatful that my shift starts late, and of course, this:

Morning all...
was too good so I'm posting after a couple of sips.

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