I suspect #nyxt (nyxt.atlas.engineer/) will be my next rabbit hole.

The #emacs integration/resemblance lured me in.

Looking forward to playing with a common-lisp controllable application.

@mrb I saw github.com/ag91/emacs-with-nyx (and the talk about it from Andrea emacsconf.org/2021/talks/nyxt/)

Is this what you're tying out? I am curious how well this works for pages that are heavy with scripts. I hope to use it for work, which means authentication / 2fa / javescript etc.

You have any thoughts?

@jrss yes, that talk triggered it indeed, although I had nyxt in my TODO list for a while.

First impression is that nyxt is slow, so that will need some attention. (local compilation issue probably)

How it performs with javascript I have no idea. It claims to be webengine agnostic though, so there's some options I guess.

@mrb I'd be curious to read about your experience if you want to get to it at some point... No pressure :hades_shadesmile:

@jrss i'll try to remember to drop some toots on it 🤣

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