Lots of thoughts after the and I'm still not sure I got all of them down...

But here's a taste:

....Emacs doesn't come with tech support, it comes with a manual. It's geared toward responsible individuals who can handle a computer without a babysitter. That's why Emacs is not just technology, it's a lifestyle. It's a proud discipline and a responsibility.

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@jrss is the sentence "It's geared toward responsible individuals who can handle a computer without a babysitter" a quote from the speaker, or your summary? It's…quite extreme.

@jrss That sentence seems to be pretty critical of people who don't use Emacs. Was that intentional?

@CodingItWrong @jrss I don't think the intention is against those not using Emacs but more of a requirement to use Emacs. So people who need a babysitter will not enjoy Emacs while people who do not need one may use Emacs or not.

I also think it's needlessly antagonistic but as an Emacs user I think it describes the experience. I wish I got a better way to phrase it.

@mbernabe @jrss That logic does make sense and softens my view of the statement—thank you for that 🙂

@CodingItWrong @mbernabe I'm just seeing the discussion that developed, missed the issue Josh raised.

a "babysitter" in this case is where you don't care/worry about how things work. You call someone else (tech support, IT, etc) to take are of your problems.

I find that Emacs doesn't work this way. If you don't have that drive, Emacs is going to be annoying and will be tossed aside.

There are other "no babysitter" tools of course. Emacs is just an example, a very good one imo.

@CodingItWrong @mbernabe

one more thing I want to add though:

no babysitter does not mean no help.

The Emacs community, the foss community, is *amazing* at giving help. I am a living breathing example.

The folks I talk to here on Mastodon are all full with goodwill and desire to help, and I'd like to think, me included. That's because we *love* what we learn, it's so effecient we want everyone to use it, and we're willing to put in the time.

That's also in the post - this sharing of knowledge.

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