@shom I'm reading through your blog now and see that you're also into darktable and somewhat video editing.

A bit late but I do have a dirty script that cuts and combines (and compresses) videos. As well, I like using openshot if I have lots of cutting/attaching to do.

As for I've been using it since I got my camera, so no real experience with lightroom. It's an awesome program. I use it for all my raw files.

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@jrss nice! Thanks for the feedback. I did like openshot but had issues with exporting. KDEnlive is actually pretty good, I'm no expert but I was able to find and use every tool I needed.
Speaking of tools, darktable is very loaded with tools, I just need to put in the time to learn terminology and develop muscle memory.
Also, thanks for reading my blog, you might be the first organic reader :)

@shom you have something cool going on. Not sure how you got the gallery view with the nice details, is this a plug in of sorts?

I need to work on my site... I say that as I look at my screen loaded with work issues that I started 3 hours before I'm officially supposed to start.

@jrss yeah the photo website is running #WordPress but I would love to move that over to #hugo as well. But that lightbox plugin and a photo reducing plugin are super well integrated and I just haven't had the time to build a tool chain to accomplish a similar look (because I do like the current look!).

@shom what was the video editing software you use again? Ooenshot doesn't have a lossless export which is bad when you want to do a screen cast...

@jrss I am using KDEnlive:
Just heard that they're on OSX test flight. You're on Mac, right?

@shom I'm on Linux at home, Mac is now primary at work, but still have windows as backup and of course server functions are windows :)

@shom that's a KDE thing though and I'm on gnome. Does it mean I need all them packages to make it work?

@jrss you can use it as a flatpak so it will be all self contained:

If you install with your package manager, it will pull in the proper KDE dependencies as well (true for guix, assume true for others).

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