advice please?

in my .git folder, there are trash files, sync-conflict created by . Usually I delete these in other directories and move on. Will deleting these files inside .git mess git (and my remote repo) somehow?

Also: I want to create a local copy of my repo. The idea is to have one for my live site, one for experimental site. Is there a way to do this locally without copying the files I want &leaving the git ones out? I want 2 different repos on local and on the remote.


Here's a picture that explains the issue better.

For example, .git should have index, but all the other index.sync-conflict should not. These are created by Syncthing and I want to be sure they're OK to delete manually (think rm) without screwing up git.

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@jrss git does not "care" about the ".sync-conflict*" files and they can be safely deleted. If you want to be doubly sure, move them out into a temp folder, use git to verify functionality, and then delete.
I also use syncthing to sync repos and the rare conflict file is kind of a nuisance.

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