Can anyone remind me how to connect with ?

@jrss How do you mean? 🙃 Pixel"fed" and Mastodon federate automatically, right?

@vital876 I don't know...?

I'm going to remove my pixelfed account and create a new one. Want it to attach to this one.

@jrss Post your Pixelfed handle on Mastodon. See if you can view the account from Mastodon.


@jrss Mine is (I don't think I have any photos posted though).


This is how I would make it so people could see both (by pinning a post that mentions the Pixelfed handle).

@jrss I've noticed that if you put a handle link in your bio, it acts as an external link rather than an internal link (clicking it from the bio takes you to the Pixelfed website instead of showing it to you in Mastodon).

@vital876 it's an issue I posted about a couple of days ago. Pixelfed account posts here, but has my old avatar and address. Can't seem to change it (I did in pixelfed but no effect regarding what goes here).

So I want to delete the pixelfed account, create new one with new avatar and address and connect it. Just don't remember how b

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