Techies of some advice/direction with permissions:

I want to to organize my photos. For this, it needs to access my files on my synology.

connection: fine.
sshfs connection: fine, can mount.

Darktable still complains about access on the mounted folder. It also complains about access on my other internal hard drive (mounted in my fstab, no issues otherwise).

I'm thinking the user Darktable runs as doesn't have access? but top shows me as the user.

What gives?

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@jrss Does your distro have SELinux enforcing (such as Fedora)?

You can check the SELinux status with getenforce

@jrss is it a flatpak? I've had interesting issues with passing files/paths into flatpak unless I'm doing it interactively. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to investigate and learn so I went with deb for that package (Remmina).

@jrss sshfs is going to be really slow in the long run, please consider NFS or SMB.

What version of darktable and what package is it?


I figured it out. After every app I tried could access the nfs (I tried that last instead of ssh) I started focusing on darktable as the problem.

Turns out something was wrong with the install. Uninstalled it and got a new one from the site (flat image) and now it can see my files in the NAS. Works fast too.

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