This is not something I planned on doing, but it happened naturally over time, and now it is easy enough to find projects this way.

The key is though to really put it in the wiki, and I have a special keywords ("wiki") so I remember to reference something in my wiki files. I also have a "journal" keyword to remind to me reflect on something, especially if I want to discuss experiences, emotions, other people, etc. Finding stuff this way hasn't been a real issue for me, so I guess it works OK.


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OK! I'm mostly done here. A couple of things to finish:

Of course what works for you works for you. You are a critical thinker and it's because of that I'm provoked to explain what works for me and why. In turn it makes me think more critically.

For that, I thank you for writing these posts, they are always deep thoughtful.

So, this is not about having a right way or a wrong way, it's about why something works, which is what fascinates me, always 😄

Thanks for this post! 👍

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