"New York City police bought a range of surveillance tools—including facial-recognition software, predictive policing software, vans equipped with x-ray machines to detect weapons, and
“stingray” cell site simulators—with no public oversight, according to documents released
Tuesday." - Wired (wired.com/story/nypd-secret-fu)

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As much as I'd like to see S.T.O.P's report (which the Wired article refers to) I can't do so on EWW.

The site uses heavy scripts and ad crawlers of all kinds (see image).

Not very good for a privacy advocacy site... :hades_shadeeyeroll:

On the other hand, if you go read Wired's article in it's awesome. Not only there's no "pay us" ad, you can also get rid of the menu and the links and all the other social-networking crap with R (readable mode) in Eww. Awesome.

(I pay for Wired subscription)

I recently switched to eww from w3m and i did not notice the existence of readable mode. Thank you!
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