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and others:

When you need to use an "being adult" website, such as your bank account, paying your electric bills, checking health insurance claims etc, what do you do:

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I'm boosting this because I want more votes... Really? So many folks don't care at all?

On the other hand I see I should have included Firefox container tab as an option.


@eludom @kzimmermann I'm somewhat surprised no one uses another browser for "adult stuff."

It makes sense though if you hate anything chromium based (like Brave or Vivaldi), or just prefer to be private all the time and use the container plugin (more popular than I thought).

I use brave for these certain things, without VPN. I let my bank and work have my IP, so I seem all normal and switch to Firefox (no cookies + VPN) for everything else.

@jrss While I do care, I go about it the other way and isolate the more filthy sites that require a session, like YouTube.

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