Some important background on
Apple and China's relationship, and why Apple is so buried in China today, on the NY Daily (irony: you will listen to this podcast on your iphone...)


I kind of knew about this, but not enough. Apple currently has an entirely different TOS to iCloud if you're in china:

Among other things, encrypted files and encryption keys must be hosted on computers located in China (from the daily article). This means that Apple is actively *helping* the Chinese government to breach its citizen's privacy.

million dollar question: how can everyone else be sure their files / keys are NOT in China?

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I don't think or are much better. Even if they're not so much in bed with China as , they have their own problems.

What I've learned is not to trust any company or CEO that tells me they care about my . They don't. Tomorrow they'd care about roasted garlic, if that's what sells. That's their job, to sell.

My job is to keep my data from being sold. In order to do that, I must use my own services, or services which are transparent in their operation (open source).

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