need guidance from Linux-based audiophiles.

1. what music player are you using? Need to be able to sort automatic play lists (i.e. last added albums), equalizer (basic at least), ability to use my DAC's capbilities and (if this is a thing) flac capabilities

2. got a simple-ish dac and pissed the company doesn't have firmware support for linux. Also, need to learn more about dacs and what it gives to you (example)

3. generic understanding of audio (i.e. balanced unbalanced) etc.

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@jrss I use audacious but before the player are you using JACK, Pulseaudio or Pipewire as your sound server? what DAC?

@dekkzz78 I just downloaded audacious and it looks interesting... though my knowledge level is too basic at this point.

Trying to see if it sort albums by addition day, so that albums I just got will show at the top, for example.

I don' tknow what JACK/Pulseaudio are, but Pulseadio was selected by default (in audacious).

I just got the Ifi's Zen Deck (1, not the new version). Pissed that they don't have firmware support for linux.

headset is Focal professional, by the way, I think this is important to mention.

@jrss The sound server is the guts of Linux sound, i suggest some brief study of the 3 main ones.

In general for a DAC to work they need to conform to the Linux USB 2.0 spec without the need for special drivers. The Zen Dock spec says it is, so no driver shouldn't be a problem. The spec spec page for Zen Dac lists a Linux driver for Do256 whatever that is though.

How are you going to power it and where is the output going?


sound server. What do you mean by that? From our conversation thus far, I think you mean JACK / Pulseaudio which are "methods" the server use? What's the general term I'm looking for to start reading up? 🤔

Regarding the DAC: that's what they said at the store. I get good sound out of it, plus if I turn off the bass (for example) the difference is very noticeable, so I assume it "just works" but all their firmware (and software, though I don't care for that) are mac/windows.

@dekkzz78 regarding powering it: it's usb, it gets the power that way too.

@dekkzz78 regarding the software (Audacious), if you don't mind:

Is there a way to set up "smart" playlists? Program conditions perhaps? Specifically want a list that shows track that were added recently, or at least sort by date added.

If you know of a way to include the album art in the list itself, also useful.

@jrss no idea - your use case far exceeds mine in complexity. mpd might be of help.

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