Listening to this week in tech, great point from @MikeElgan - CEOs never talk about what's best for society, they have to talk about that's best for the company.

The notion that CEOs talk to the public like that started to really become popular with Steve jobs and apple, everyone rushes to copy... No one stopped to say, hey, wait a minute, this guy is the head of a company who's job is to sell products and stock, not public best interest.

@jrss @MikeElgan I don't believe I've listened to that episode yet. However just wanted to make a point that indeed this is true however I feel as a business there is a responsibility to society. This has been lost for many and it should be thought of when making decisions.Nothing wrong with making boat loads of money but it's what they choose to do with that counts and how they treat customers.

@jrss @MikeElgan It will never been a perfect alignment between customers / society interests and the company's interests. However it can be a better balance then what a lot are today.

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