Wrote a quick bash script to automate ffmpeg for my journal videos. It:

1. gathers all my webcam files in my video library (I can record in segments, as I get interrupted)

2. compresses them to 640px (visual not that important, these are more for audio) and increases volume by 100% (audio is important...). The resulted file is a mp4 with yyyy-mm-dd format

3. asks me if to upload to the
synology at home, if so, it does it.


one thing I can't figure out:

I'd like local configurations (for example, the path where the videos are stored) to be sourced from a variable in a different script. This can be done with "source" or just "." in the script. This seems to work...

...but only if the other variables or functions in the are in a .sh file in the *same* folder as the main script. Kind of defeats the purpose for me. Anyone knows a solution?

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@jrss kind of jank, but the easiest way would be to write out an environment variable. Or a file, if you'd rather pollute your drive instead of environment. Let me know if you find an elegant solution!

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