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I never played around with my TRAMP configuration and always used /ssh: with x-f and just Dired to the host.

I want to download folders of flac files to work (large files, each one is around 20MB).

I understand I can simply use /scp: instead of /ssh: and it works just the same.

a. Is this correct or it's not considered good practice in Emacs, and why?
b. Is there a built-in option to automatically configure it to switch to scp when I try to transfer?


@jrss I know nothing about emacs, but the best way I know to do what you want is rsync, something like

rsync -av me@remote:/path/to/dir ~/myflacs

There just happens to be an Emacs plugin that adds rsync support to dired!

@erkin @hopeless

rsync is mostly used to sync files so that I have a copy at all times on the other end.

What I want is a fast(er) way to copy files, temporarily, so I can listen and delete later. scp is very good for that.

tramp+dired is better because I see my folders, I can browse to the right artist, mark the files I want to download, and then get them. I don't have to remember the path, I have a split window and I can navigate on the local and the remote host.

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@erkin @hopeless

not saying rsync support for emacs is not interesting, I just don't have a use case for it at the moment; seems a bit overkill to something like scp via emacs that already works, I just want to polish it up a bit :)

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