This morning, I feel a bit low on energy. Been this way since yesterday late afternoon.

How are you all doing? What would be interesting to read, if I'm considering another post, guide?

possible topics, below:

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lol is someone trolling me..? the tide between a post about gaming vs something personal stays the same as I get more votes :p

Alright cool. Gotta go early to work and then I hope to post something.

Something a bit more personal...? OK.

Here's a post about spending a weekend with my mom teaching her how to use a Mac. Turns out, I learned from teaching her just as much as she (hopefully) learned tech from me.

Feeling also very low on energy ... Did some "project triage" at work from 08:00 - now. Think I'll retire for today and only reply to urgent cries for help ...

@anonimno it's my turn to be at work at 8 (eastern time)... meh.

goodluck to you. I thin I need to nap somewhere in the office.

Like 15 yrs ago when I started working directly after university, I had a problem syncing my going-out-for-a-couple-of-beers and have-to-be-in-the-office-early-in-the-morning.
Once I fell asleep in the toilet at work :mastolol: :mastolol: :mastolol:

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