So... First weekday on my fresh Mint on my Desktop, which is my main machine. Turns out I can't go to Windows even if I want to...

I like the look though, the wallpaper fits nice with the colors, and some of my favorite apps are around like old friends: Flameshot, Lollypop.. and of course the regulars: (fully configured already as you can see) KeePassXC, Signal...

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@jrss Windows runs better as a virtual machine hosted by Mint than Mint runs under HypoV under Windows.

@AskChip yes I've heard of KVM and I want to try it out.

@jrss Hi just a FYI I see you blured out some content. Its fine just instead black it out (100% opacity). Reason why is software is smart enough now to remove the blur and expose what you are protecting.

@adamsdesk yeah I read into that. Flameshot doesn't have that option (that I can see) and I think the blur reading is usually for pixilated content (not blur) that has clear uniformity to it. If you blur a section (actually blur) and do it a few times it should help too.

Thanks though I'll find something

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