ok so I managed to write a simple python scrip that supposed to work for me, but I get a "operation on closed file" error even though I opened the file and it remains often.

first timer in Python here. Anyone here want to help me and take a crack at it?

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@eludom this looks like it will take me back from the specific solution to the broader problem which I spent most of the morning narrowing down to something technical I can solve lol

@jrss you can send me code, but in general I start making simple things work (stealing stack overflow code like a bandit) and build out from something that works.

Don't study the error/bug/falsehood, study what works.

@eludom sent it with signal...

yeah the bug thing is not too helpful. So far I copy pasted pieces of code from overflow and such and got it working to a certain point. the whole date thing for example (you'll see)


@eludom I figured it out. when reading the lines of the text, I needed to call "readlines()" and I didn't. The script didn't understand what I want from it.

here is what it looks like (test version):

@jrss the REPL is your friend. Type "python", get a prompt, type stuff. See if it works.


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