is there a way to get org-mode (actually emacs) to automatically assign a task (TODO) each week at a given time?

I know about +w but it won't work for me in this case. I'm looking for something like cron, in a way, just for org-moe.

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@jrss Could you explain a bit more because I don't understand why + or ++ would not work ?

@obrow this will be hard to explain... I can try.

I have a checklist I want to do each week. I check certain items (but usually not all) and I want to keep a record of that to my weekly org file. So each checklist starts fresh and is refiled with certain items checked.

with +w, you can't achieve that. First, the list retains whatever items I checked last. Second, I want to save what I did last time (with the date it was done) to a weekly org file. the +w will create a "loop".

@obrow a simple but manual way to do this add the checklist to a weekly template file, which I have already. This will create a blank list each week. But I will need to manually schedule it to that week each week.

@obrow right now I'm thinking of maybe using some python for this (for the first time, I only have limited experience with bash)

@obrow no that takes me in a different direction.My tasks are never in the journal.

I'm very close with my script, and if it work, It'll be my first python script so I think it's worth it.Thank you thouhg :)

Not sure I understand exactly what you want, but read the docstring for org-clone-subtree-with-time-shift. (Use C-h f then that function name).
Basically, you specify how many copies of the subtree you want, and what timeshift for each. So if you enter +1w, each copy will get scheduled for one week later than the previous copy.

As for starting with all checkboxes empty, you could just make the next set of clones from the last existing one before you start checking boxes.


@leadore @obrow

I'm familiar with clone with time shift, yes. It means I'll have one org file with many headers in it, each one a week forward. When I run out, I could clone more. Finally, since I'm using individual weekly org files, I could refile them to these when I'm done.

This is not a bad idea, I might be forgetting something but it can work. It's a bit more manual than the script.

so, my could hold events that will happen in the future, once done, refile to that week's org.. hmm.

Oh, each copy goes into a separate weekly file? I'm confused then, because it seems like in that case you would just use a template for the weekly files. Maybe it would help if you said exactly what the script is supposed to do.


@leadore @obrow I already figured the script out... where is it? wow I'm so tired I could have sworn I posted it here.

I'll try again tomorrow. Both your solution works and the script does too though.

@jrss that's OK, sounds like you've got it all figured out; I was just curious. I always like seeing what interesting things people are doing with org-mode.

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