Think I'm done venting today about technology? Think again!

new blog post, a few org-mode improvement I've implemented:

Nothing too crazy new here, but if you want another take at my project management system, this is a good read :)


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Always a joy reading how other people use org-mode in a buisness environment to manage the information/task inflow. Just like you I started re-reading the org manual again. The stuff I thought I do not need (or understand) a year ago, are just what I need now (e.g. attach mechanism).
Some months ago during an online daily I was presenting something and wanted to make a note of something, so I puled out emacs and hit the capture template.


@anonimno would like to hear about how you use the attach (for files yes?) feature. Always found it too messy.

For files (pdf I read or important emails as msg) and screenshots (over org-download).

@anonimno yes but.. how do you attach? What's your process? Might sound basic I know but this never worked for me so I'm curious

For docs I simply use C-c C-a and then choose a to make a copy of the doc in the data folder of the org structure. After that opening the file with C-c C-a and choosing o.
For screenshots the org-download does the same thing as a above, when you map C-c s for screenshot making.
Nothing exotic :awesome:

@anonimno hang on hang on... There's something here. Org download you say? That's a package from the maker of ivy isn't it?

Is it better than just attaching regularly (like docs)? Why?

Also regarding docs, is it easy to find them outside of org... Say you want to attach the same doc in an email, you know you have it in a project in org... Do you use org to locate it or just navigate to some sub folder of a sub folder.. (I think that was my issue)

This is the package Basically it lets you make screenshots or pull pictures directly with drag-and-drop and it attaches them to your org file and saves them in the data folder.
I find it easier to use attach when working on some docs like specifications or eBooks. I open them in Emacs (if it's e.g. pdf) read them, place bookmarks and make notes.
If att. Emails I grab a copy from Outlook and then attach them to a heading. Helps with searching!

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